Playing Make-Believe

While editors take a gander at the zombie book, and agents read my queries to see if they want to represent it...I've been looking at a new project. Had this idea about a week ago that I thought would turn into a short story or a series of shorts around this particular character. I didn't think I had much. Then, it exploded.  And by it, I mean my brain. I don't often say that I have a muse, per se, but if I did she would be pinballing all over the place and lighting little fires. Seriously, this idea will not leave me alone. These characters will not stop talking to me. It's no longer a short story, but a series of novels. (I told you. Splodey! They call it "brainstorming" for a reason.)

This is one of my favorite parts of a project. This volcanic blast of inspiration that just won't let me go. I was up until 4am outlining and "sketching" bits of this book. I got three hours of sleep, woke up and my brain immediately engaged in thinking up shit to flesh out this world, book and threads to tie into further adventures. More outlining has happened today and more will tonight. I wrote about a thousand words Friday just to see what would happen with it and this sucker is ready to fly from my fingers.


See, in doing some preliminary world-building and brainstorming, I realized just how intricate aspects of this are going to be. This plot is going to be twisty (it needs to be considering that several of my characters are emissaries of trickster gods if not deities themselves), so I need to be very solid with continuity. So, when I realized just how major an undertaking this hella exciting project would be, I did the one thing I could.

I sat down with my husband and bounced stuff off of him. Sean is terrific at this. As he put it, he's not an "originator", but he is one hell of an "elaborator". He can take an idea, scrutinize it then take it to eleven. I love him for that (among many other things). We have been tossing ideas back and forth, he's come up with some real gems and led me to some fantastic conclusions while confirming (or shooting down) other first impressions.

This is one of my favorite parts of the writing process. Story development. World building. Getting my proverbial hands into the primordial slime of ideas and shaping, pounding it and putting it through those Play-Dough Fun Factory thingies. Playing! What if? How about? Oooooh! It. Is. FUN.


I'm so damn excited about this project. I wish I could just download all of my ideas and show them to you so you could understand, so that you could enjoy it, too. But, like everything with books and creation... it takes time. So, I promise you all... you will see this one. When it's bright, shiny, gritty, funny, finished and in a book store near you, because that, my friends, is exactly where this one is headed.

But first... I write it. And that's what I'ma gonna do.