Post-Op Update

enhanced-2956-1398019791-13 FOUND: One Pajamazon. Slightly used, but decent mileage. One owner, original papers. Mostly intact, though recently a few of the factory-installed components have been nullified or removed. Responds well to chai, Sherlock quotes and kitty purrs.

All of this is to say that I came out of surgery okay. I'm going to go fall down in a heap of pillows and cats while watching British tele on Netflix and keeping myself medicated. 

My mom took me to surgery yesterday. We arrived at 2pm....apparently I wasn't scheduled to go into actual surgery until 4:30. So there was a metric fuckton of waiting. Around 4pm I was loopy as shit. Giggling constantly and making horrible jokes. That's about the point I decided another pre-op selfie had to be taken.

preopselfie11132014That's also about the time my surgeon came back to talk to me. We went over everything for the umpteenth time, shook on it and he breezed off to make ready. As he left, my mom slapped my shoulder.

"You didn't tell me your surgeon was so hot!"

So yeah, my mom was ogling the doctor. (I can imagine that made things awkward when he came emerged from surgery with pictures of her daughters innards and gallstones.)

OH! And about this time, I sent Sean a text message that said, "bored. BORED!" To which he responded, "No shooting the walls." (Sherlock quote, for those who don't know.) I giggled even more at that.

Not long after that, the anesthesiologist came in and we talked about drugs. A few minutes later, he had a syringe of the happy stuff and I was wheeled into the OR. Stuff happened in there. Apparently I was intubated, because I woke up choking when they took out the tube. Coming out of the anesthetic wasn't as easy as it was in April after my tubal ligation, but it was a damn sight better than my first surgery where I came up and nearly decked a nurse. Anyway... after surgery I was in a LOT of pain. They gave me morphine and the pain increased. We tried several meds before getting something that brought me down to something bearable. I awkwardly and slowly got dressed and made my way home. Best glass of water I've ever had. Oh, and I have pictures! And it's crazy. The gallstones are all pretty small. That picture looks like a burst sandbag, basically, with some grains as large as kernels of corn. The doctor said, however, that it was good I had this surgery when I did and didn't wait or do the, "Well, it doesn't bother me all the time" kind of bullshit I'm known for. Apparently, my stones are small enough that they can travel. And that usually causes other issues like pancreatitis.

Husband and Kiddo were awesomely helpful, as was my mother. The hospital staff were all wonderful  and nice.

So yeah... overall, decent experience. I have four bruising wounds covered in surgical glue. I wasn't sure I'd need pain meds today, but standing up relieved me of that delusion. So far so good, though. Nothing unbearable... just tired and understandably sore in the torso. Sean is home to take care of me today. We'll be catching up in Agents of SHIELD or something while I make a nest in a chair with purring cats.

Thank you all for the texts, tweets and Facebook posts yesterday wishing me luck and speedy recovery. You all rock my stripey socks.