Postcards From the Edge

Antartica: Day 51. Our rations are running low. We lost Thompson sometime during the night. Morale dwindling. The men speak of mutiny. But I must persevere.  Ahem. Sorry...I'm a little off today. And by off I mean absolutely fucking batshit crazy. Why? Well, let me tell you a story (or four).

Approximately 5 and a half years ago I played a game called Shadows Over Camelot.  Fun, cooperative game where 3-7 players are the Knights of the Round Table (quite indefatigable). Players fend off invasions from Saxon hordes and quest for legendary trinkets. Generally entertaining and has a lot of replay value, especially when you put in the "traitor" mechanic. (One knight is secretly working against you. Maybe. *shifty eyes*) So, anywho, I played this game once many moons ago and the next day I had a baby. (Disclaimer: Any correlation between Shadows over Camelot and pregnancy or childbirth is coincidental. If you experience a Grail quest that lasts for more than 4 hours please see the rules because you're doing it wrong.) I haven't gotten to play it since. Friends have pulled the game off the shelf in the interim but never while I'm around and when I've suggested it, I'm overruled.

So, Friday night, we had some friends by to game and hang out. We ended up playing on the Wii rather than doing any table top gaming, but my friend Jeff brought Shadows just in case. He accidentally left it here and I "accidentally" forgot to take it to a party I knew he'd be attending on Saturday.

Yesterday, after taking the kiddo to explore the under sea wonders at the Sea Life aquarium (I saw a starfish's feet!), I decided that I wanted people to come to my house and do my bidding: PLAY SHADOWS!!! I posed the invite on Facebook and got a few people in on the action. What was cool was that a dear friend of mine brought along a guy I gamed with at Phoenix Comic Con who brought a long a total stranger who rocks. There was pizza, caffeine, laughter and a successful game of Shadows. (Finally!) Well, we were all having such a good time we got out Thunderstone. And played til 12:30am.

By that time, I was wired. Couldn't even think of sleeping. Stayed up til 2:30 and decided to try that going to bed thing. At 3:30 I was still awake and listening to the awesome thunderstorm outside. I listened to it until it started to peter out around 5am. By that time, TyGrr (my stripey kitty) wanted snuggles and worship in the form of tummy rubs. And Sean's alarm started going off. When TyGrr was appeased, Sprocket wanted her tithe and it was about 6am.

So, as you can tell by my Twitter feed, I haven't slept! I've caffeinated and right now I feel like a jittery drunken Kung Fu master. Or a particularly insane zombie who doesn't crave brains but cascades on Bejeweled.

When I get tired ... like really tired... I get what I call "your mom" tired. I call it this because at that point, I'm likely to answer any questions with YOUR MOM! I've passed that point and gone straight to Arkham levels of mentally unhinged. And yet, I'm bouncing about like Tigger with a Starbucks IV drip.


I wanted to tell you... so, my daughter (5, small and cute) woke up this morning. As I usually do when I'm about to make our breakfasts, I asked her to feed the cats.

Her: Okay. I'll do that while you get my breakfast. Can I have toast and butter, please? Me: Sure. Thank you for asking so nicely. Her: You're welcome. *gets cat food and puts it into the bowls* Me: Orange juice or milk today? Her: Orange juice, please. Me: You've got excellent manners today. (This is something we're working on as it has slipped recently.) Her: Thanks. I know I've been kinda bad the past few days. I just wanted to show you that I can be good.


With an attitude like that, today's going to be great even without any sleep.

And now, I have too much blood in my caffeine system. Time to go do mom things with a stellar kiddo and hope for the best as far as energy goes.

Have a great day, kids!