Putting the FUN in Funded

tumblr_inline_mnb75mMudt1qz4rgpSo, for those of you who didn't hear the squees of joy last week, the UNVEILED Kickstarter campaign funded! We reached (and passed) our goal of $5500 which means that Cat Sharp 2: Electric Boogaloo will be a real book. One with actual pages, even! We still have a few days left of the Kickstarter. There are some editorial critiques left, a character name, and some pretty neat stretch goals, so please consider tossing your couch and throwing a few sheckles at the C# series. <3 I have to tell this story of HOW the Kickstarter broke through the goal, though.

So a dear friend of mine weaves baby wraps (among her many talents). These wraps are functional works of handcrafted art. Truly something that feels alien to me, a person who plays in the aural or verbal elements. Apparently, she's been plotting... You see, Lissa began weaving a wrap at Estrella War a couple months ago and has been documenting her progress on her website/Facebook. Wednesday she told everyone but me that she would make this wrap available for more than she generally charges...a portion would go toward shipping and taxes, the rest would go to a certain Kickstarter campaign. She posted it online and within 2 minutes it was sold. Fifteen minutes later, Lissa had money in hand, and immediately put that hefty chunk into the UNVEILED coffer.

When I saw the email of her donation (after her husband had already given a generous amount, as well)... I have to tell you that my heart stopped. My stomach did this weird floppy thing, and tears just started falling. Yes, this woman is my Ohana, she's chosen family...but... just.. Holy shit.

I immediately sent Lissa a message to let her know I'd seen her pledge and that I would be tacklehugging her at the soonest available time. She giggled. Apparently, she bounced all damn day because she's one of those people with an elf-like streak of mischief delighting in leaving surprises for others. She was convinced I knew or saw it coming. When I told her that I was blindsided, that made her all the bouncier. She seriously pulled one over on me in the best possible way.

It's no coincidence that her business is called Tangible Daydreams. She started the cascade that helped make this dream of mine real...

Lissa's donation brought us over $5000. After other people saw that the total was so freaking close to our goal...the pledges just started catching fire. People upped their donations. People I know don't have the spare change lying around found a few bucks to toss in and in less than an hour, UNVEILED was funded.

My squee was like unto the sound the Yellowstone Caldera will one day make when it blows. Seriously. colbert high five I didn't do the Kickstarter to shakedown my friends for their lunch money, ya know? I did it knowing full well that a lot of my friends and followers are having rough times financially. I honestly wasn't sure UNVEILED would fund. I mean, $5500 is a lot of money! But... holy shit... it happened.

I was talking with a few of my dear ones Friday night about the whole thing and I mentioned that my 93 year old grandmother had even chipped in some cash to put toward the campaign. I told them, too, that my Dad had added to the bundle even after we'd beaten our goal. According to him, though, his plan had been to sit back and wait until the last day and see how much I needed, then top it off.

Friend 1: That was my plan, too. Friend 2: Mine, too. Friend 3: Yup, that was my thinking on the matter.

*shakes head*

Seriously you guys... I'm so damn blessed.

The Kickstarter gave me so much more than money. Yes, the visible aspect is financial... we see dollar signs and how the numbers beside them get bigger... but each pledge is so much more than that. It's support. It's belief. Those of you who have pledged to this Kickstarter campaign (and those who have told me you would if you could) believe in me. You think I've got something to offer, and you believe I can do it. You want me to succeed. (And some of you just REALLY want to get your hands on the next book.)

I have to tell you that I feel blessed and honored by your support. I feel loved.


Thank you.