Q&A Ongoing

tumblr_m7o5bhV6XU1qgztfyo1_250Good Monday morning, gang! Phoenix is underwater and my kiddo is home from school. So here I am on the internet. So last week I was supposed to be on the #Hashtag podcast with Mike Woods and Karina Cooper. Sadly, that didn't work out because technology. We will get the bugs worked out and do it again. However, when we said we'd be taking questions, a couple of you posted to my Facebook page with some of your queries. As these don't really refer to the topic we were going to use on the podcast, I figured I'd answer them here. Consider today an open Q&A period. My own Ask Me Anything without Reddit. Here we go... First question...

Lejon Johnson asks...What was the effort of bringing Book 2 to reality actually like, Kickstarter and all?

In terms of editing...very much the same as working with a publisher. (Of course, the same editor from WILD CARD worked with me on UNVEILED, so we knew one another's styles.)

Other than that... it's been kinda crazy. The Kickstarter itself was stressful and all-consuming. I felt constant pressure to generate content and keep upping the ante. Basically, I felt like a carnival barker busking for that entire month. The editing period felt nice because it was familiar. Then, huge rush here at the end of things. Putting together publicity, getting pre-sale reviews, doing all the logistical things that make a book A BOOK, planning the next steps to make sure the book has the best, widest distribution possible... yeah, it's a lot more than I realized went into things. I have a new respect for the process, feel pride in having done this....but also prefer the traditional method of having professionals do all this stuff so that I can do my thing: write.

In book 2, do you kick off from where you left off, or is there "breather" time between the first and second stories?

UNVEILED picks up about 8-9 months after the events of WILD CARD. Cat has had some time to get cozy in this new version of things, grow a little with her skill set, and basically feel comfortable. Hehehe. And so that's when I pull the rug out from under her.

We know book 3 is written, does anything have to change with that now that book 2 editing is done?

Nothing major. I went into editing UNVEILED knowing what needed to stay in order to protect events in UNINVITED (Book 3). Also, nothing major changed in the events of UNVEILED that would alter the future for Cat and company. So the narrative stayed in tact. I might be one of my faults, actually, that I am somewhat attached to my order of things and will do what I can to preserve the essentials.

Zach Reddy asks... What are the potential side effects of letting a gaggle of trickster gods run free in your head?

Honestly, it's not much different up there than it was before. (Not sure if I should take comfort in that or not.) However, I do caution those looking into working with them...you will start seeing their fingerprints in your life. You might also find yourself becoming a bit more sadistic in the humor you take at the expense of others when Karma spanks them. Also: Loki.


Regina asks... Q: Why don't you telepathically give me book updates instead of making me sign into an email that's supposed to be my primary one but I totally keep forgetting exists? 

Allow me to respond in the language of my people:


Krista asks...  Are you still dumping Jeff?

Considering the recent conversation that he and I had pertaining to the Whedon version of "Much Ado About Nothing" vs the Tennant/Tate version of same? Yes. His sad devotion to the former while not having seen the latter is disturbing, pitiful and just wrong. I'm sorry. The Tennant/Tate version is superior in every way. *It should be noted that the Jeff in question and I have been "breaking up" with each other for 10 years now. It's a long-running joke between friends. We've never dated.

Angela asks... Why haven't you finished the personal transporter yet?

Because pirates stole my applesauce.

Brian asks... Do you, in fact, want to build a snowman?

Yeah, actually. I do.

Seriously, though. What has been the most challenging part of the whole process for you?

Reminding myself that it is a process and still happening. Honestly, this is not what I wanted for the C# series. And yet, I can't say the series has failed because it's still happening. It's still moving forward and people want to read more. Reminding myself of that, keeping away from binary thinking of pass/fail and all that jazz has probably been the hardest part. I can work logistics like no one else. I can edit til my eyeballs bleed. I can pimp myself...but keeping my head straight is where the going gets tough.

Cheryl asks... How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?


Jeff asks... Are you dumped, super-dumped or totes-in-the-dumpey-dumped? Choose one.

Totes in the dumpey dump. Again, because you're a heretic. #Tennant/TateMuchAdoForevah!

So yeah... have a question? Hit me with it!