Random Happenings

So, I know I've been remiss in keeping this blog updated lately. My husband's work schedule changed and while that's good in some ways, it sucks in others. We're all getting used to a new routine. This comes on the heels of getting back into the swing of things after Christmas break which shifted our lives after another previous shift and so on and so forth. Routine? What's that?Anyway, I don't have anything profound for you today. No rants or pieces of masterful flash fiction. However, I do have a tiny tidbit of news.

As you may know, yesterday Rob Lowe went on Twitter and proclaimed that he had it on Good Authority (*coughIRSAYcough*) that my second husband Peyton Manning would be retiring by day's end. Well, this is not acceptable to me, and I tweeted as such. Then, I posted a similar, but longer version of the tweet to my Facebook page. Both essentially say that Rob Lowe is full of shit and that I give him the benefit of the doubt. He's just providing an example of what happens in a world where SOPA takes away one's ability to find corroborating evidence on the Internet. So, flash forward to the nighttime. My daughter is sound asleep, the cats are prowling about and waiting for snuggles, the husband is killing zombies. And I? I'm scrolling through the Huffington Post. And there is an article about Rob Lowe's sports reporting. Woot! So I read it and see a slideshow of tweets about the whole thing. As I'm scrolling through said tweets, I notice a field of blue sunflowers and go, "Hey! That's my background!" My eyes tracked up and then, "Hey! That's my name!" Among the tweets they counted as some of the funnier responses to the "news", they included one from yours truly. Woot! Any day now I expect Colbert, Stewart and my girlfriend Rachel Maddow to call and ask me to be on their show for my incredible wit. /snarkasm.

Soooo what else is happening, readers? I know there was something I was going to tell you about my daughter but for the life of me my sleep-depraved (yes, I just made up that word) brain can't remember at this point. Just imagine it was hilarious and moving and made your uterus tweak with longing to procreate.

OH! This was fun... the other day I got a bill from Chase. Now, a few months ago this would not have been anything out of the ordinary, but (!) in December I closed the account. That's right. I paid off my credit card and said, "Fuck off, Chase! We're through! Occupy my wallet no more!" and there was much rejoicing. (yay) Well, as I said, I got a bill from them the other day. They wanted a paltry $1.50 on an account that had been paid off and closed.

Hrm. Odd.

At first, I wondered if this was that awkward attempt at reconnection after a breakup. I know, Chase, you had some good times with my interest payments. But it's over. I think we both need to live separate lives. It's better this way.

So, yesterday I called just to make sure this message was received. I was informed that this was just a standard interest payment on the $0.00 balance on my account. I reminded the nice Indian lady at the call center that there shouldn't even be an account to draw interest. She then told me that I paid off the account and then closed it three days later. The interest is what built up in those 3 days of not using the card. Seriously? Fucking seriously? I voiced my displeasure and let her know that this was ridiculous and she kindly cancelled the charge. Dear Indian Lady, I'm sorry if I was snippy, but sometimes you just have to get harsh with an ex otherwise they just keep coming back. Like cockroaches, Keith Richards or fashion mistakes.

AND, speaking of fashion... it has come to my attention that a Shreveport, Louisana parish commissioner wants to ban pajama pants in public. As my devoted readers know, I am the High Priestess of the Cult of Jammy Pants. Seeing this... I am upset, nay! appalled! This is outrageous and against my religious beliefs in comfort and flannel for all. So, mortal enemy, you make yourself known. My crusade begins.

Oh, last weekend I went with my good friend and had my hand squeezed to a pulp while she got a tattoo on her foot. She got a peacock-colored koi in memory of our Nicki. I'm getting my memorial ink next month. You'll see. :)

That's about all that's going on here at the moment. Still shopping Technical Difficulties (Book 1 in my Etudes in C# series). Book 2 is. I'm stuck at chapter 4 but that's only because I'm not sure how to handle Chapter 9 and beyond. Weird, I know, but I need to have a clear vision of what's ahead to keep going. So, I'm outlining and trying to pull together what happens after a specific DUN DUN DUNNNNN moment. Book 3 is an attention whore. It keeps telling me all these awesome things that can happen and showing me scenes. A companion short that takes place during the events of Book 3 is an even bigger whore. So I've written most of that one. The later books are congealing more and more. Book 6 (the last one) is being all ominous and "muahahaha".

Yeah. Other than the above, that's about it. Oh, and I've developed an obsession with the British show Q.I. Here's a clip. I defy you to not giggle.  (Also includes David Tennant.)

And with that, I'm out, kids. Be excellent to each other.