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galadriel_green_3 Crikey!

Right now, at this exact moment, I am reeling on the wave of Author High. Too often we see posts from writers (myself included) talking about those mood cycles that involve self-pity, remorse, feelings of inadequacy... well right now I am the opposite of all of that shit. I am a freaking GODDESS right now. I am the Avatar of all things Amazeballs and you will tremble before my awesome wordy power!

I just finished Act 1 of Book 3. And I did it with a chapter that left me--literally--breathless.  On this day I bring you a snapshot of what it feels like to have the Author High.

I finished that chapter and hit save (like a thousand times...then backed up on an external) and immediately began to vibrate with glee. I could just see the looks on  the faces of my poor attack fish. They will scream and swear and curse my name and click feverishly to get to the next page because this is just that awesome. It is unsurpassed in its rockitude.

At this exact moment I feel like the Dark Phoenix. Or maybe Galadriel. "All shall love me and despair!!"

And this is why we slave away at words and trim and put ourselves through emotional wringers and edit and and and... this is why we do it. This burst of adrenaline, this explosion of glee and pride. This moment where the pictures in my head lined up with the words on the page and created the picture, captured the scene that I wanted to convey.

Now, sure that will probably change as I edit and when the attack fish read it.

But in this moment, I have created something glorious, beautiful, heartbreaking and fantastic. At this moment I am a writer and my words are mighty.

At this moment I sit back and enjoy this swell of ecstasy.


*sigh* Yes I know that I've been really bad about blogging, but I've had my nose in Book 3 when it's not dealing with reality. And I'm prepping for Phoenix Comic Con. No, I'm not there in a professional capacity (this year), but I will be enjoying the hell out of it.  And I will get to see one of my muses (Jason Carter) at the Babylon 5 reunion panel. *bounce*

So yeah, I'll try to be better about posting blogs.

Thanks for being awesome, guys.




*gleeful smile* Those poor bastards are going to hate me when they read this.