Resistance is Futile

In this house, we have been infected with plague. The husband had some issues with his thermostat, the kid and I have sore throats and stuffy noses. All signs point to ick. This, coupled with Fall Break, amounts to not a whole hellofalot of writing going on. And that's okay right now. I'm still steeping some ideas and trying to see where the sequel is going to start. That, and I have to figure out all that mundane stuff like how to give my daughter an awesome birthday party when our backyard is now mass of shite (yay weather!)...getting the car tested for emissions and the registration renewed...deciding what we're going to do about health care.

Yeah, here's a gripe. In the past 12 months Aetna has raised our rates $100. Why? Last year it was "to cover the costs of health care in our state". Then it was because I turned 30 (oh the horror!). Now it's "costs are still going up in your state, by the way, we now cover hair plugs!". So, we can either find a new plan within the company, leave the company, or pay out an outrageous premium that we can't afford. Good times. I've been shopping around the past month and thanks to my back, I'm not so easy to insure. We need to make a decision on that this weekend. Meh. Fuck Aetna. Fuck our healthcare system.


So, yeah. I've been finding myself sitting and looking at my life. I often wonder how I got here. Shouldn't I be worried about my GPA and making it to Ibby's theory class on time? Shouldn't I be memorizing drill charts and tenor music? It's surreal, sometimes, to be a responsible adult. But this little life of mine is awesome. I'm blessed.

*contented sigh*

Alright. I should attempt some housework while I have the energy. I'm waiting for the fever to hit me. But that will probably wait until Sean goes back to work tomorrow. *shrugs*

Have a good one, kids!