Open up my head and let me out -- Dave Matthews Band "So Much To Say"

I was once told that my mind is like cotton candy with a door. I never did get any elaboration on the matter. I'm just hoping it wasn't a slam that my brain is all pink, sugary fluff with nothing nurishing or substantial. I prefer to think it means I'm fun and an indulgence. Reality is probably somewhere in between. (But the world may never know.)

So, I'm doing NaNoWriMo again. I tried it in 2007 and the stars just didn't align for me then. I've done a lot more writing. Currently I'm in the query stage for my debut novel. I've got a sequel currently in the Work in Progress (WiP) slot and the third in the trilogy is in outline form. (I really can't wait to write that one. It is going to be awesome!) Tonight I found myself talking to Sean, my fiance, and bouncing some ideas off of him. He's pretty awesome like that. I was telling him about a new character that introduced himself to me the other day....

Me: So I'm talking to Crystal about this character's entrance. He needs to come in early and it just so happens that I need a messenger in the beginning of the book. Oh, look, a volunteer. So I told Crystal that his message boils down to "you're an absentee landlord. take care of your shit before other people do it for you." Crystal asked me if that's how he would really say it and I said "Oh, hell no he would--". I broke off because the character was sitting there in my head, arms crossed over his chest... smirking...and nodding. He really is that big of a snarky bastard.
Sean: What's his name.
Me: He won't tell me. He's being a bastard that way.

So I put it online that this particular character won't tell me his name and I can't keep calling him Snarky McSnarkerson. Within a few minutes I had several suggestions.

--Steve. Steve is a pretty name.
--Douchey McDoucherson
--What would he call himself if he were an asshole like Constantine?
--Ask him for a business card in your dreams (this is so damn appropriate as the character in question is a dreamwalker)
--Cedric Von Brentworth
--Name him after the snarkiest person you know!

If I did the latter he'd have a really long, pretentious name which, while fun, would just get annoying to type a lot.

My other thought was to just give him some really attrocious name like Bubbles, Alloicious or Britney Spears... then the snarky bastard will be writhing in agony in my head, screaming for me to put him out of his misery. Then it's like Braveheart... I just lean down into his ear and gently whisper...

"This can all end. Just tell me your name and the pain can all go away."

So I sat down at my computer to get some work done and my eyes drifted up to the bulletin board behind my monitor. I've got pictures there. One is of a man named Eric. Character in my head twitched a bit at the sound of it.

"Is that it?" I asked. "Is your name Eric?"
He shook his head, still smirking. But I was close.

And then it clicked.
I didn't have to resort to waterboarding my character.

Aric will make his appearance soon.
But first, I have to have Puck recap book 1 in flowing verse without sounding like Dr. Seuss.

Damn, I love what I do.