#Satyrthon Is Here!

SATE 2Tonight tonight tonight, hot damn! tonight! We are gathering in Mesa, AZ this evening (8pm - 10pm local time) to have a kick ass fundraiser for UNINVITED (Etudes in C#, No. 3). Phoenix's very own geek folk trio Open Beta is playing music. Iron Man is our emcee. We'll have a raffle and a silent auction as well as a table full of books, pins, t-shirts and such for people to buy. We're taking over Gotham City Comics and it's going to be a blast.

If you're not local, don't fret, you can still have fun with us.

First of all, we're going to be broadcasting live via Periscope. If you follow me on Twitter (which, if you don't already, you should start), the Periscope feed will pop up in my timeline and I'll be tweeting about it on the hashtag #Satyrthon. Follow me, follow the hashtag and leave questions, comments, cusswords, encouragement in the chat/feed. (Make sure to use the hashtag #Satyrthon!)

If you're not on Twitter, never worry, never fear. I'll be posting the link to my Facebook page as well. Leave questions or whatever on my wall, or, if you're using a mobile device, directly in the Periscope chat.

I will be a bit of a butterfly going from one thing to another, so I will have a couple of minions running the chat with me and getting your questions for me to answer during the broadcast. Emma will be chatting on Periscope and Facebook, possibly Twitter... And she'll be watching the Kickstarter itself to keep an eye on stuff. Yay for browsers with multiple tabs. She's my Uhura.

So, that's how you can participate from home. Unfortunately, in order to win the raffle or auction items you must be present or have a proxy on site with cash or card in hand to pay for your auction items and raffle tickets.

Speaking of auction items... Check out this stunning bit of artwork by Zach Reddy:

unnamed Squee!!! I love this picture so much! We'll have a print up for auction and it will be signed by Zach and myself.


On top of that, we've got dice jewelry by Michelle McCollum.  She has taken a full set of green polyhedral dice and used wire-wrapping and other techniques to create a necklace similar to the one in the picture to the left. She has also made a matching pair of earrings out of 10-sided percentile dice. (Not pictured.) These will be going up for auction as a set.


Talent runs in the family. Michelle's mother Melissa has made a gorgeous hand painted silk jacket in various green tones. It's machine washable, and once size fits most. (We tried it on all sorts of body types including Melissa, Michelle, myself and my 9 year old daughter. It's very comfortable and a stunning piece of original art. Due to the dyeing process, no two pieces will ever be alike.


Emma Lysyk made an LED lamp out of Loki's poker chip. Open Beta is offering a concert. You can play the Cat Sharp deck in a game of Sentinels of the Multiverse with me.


My daughter made a custom Cat Sharp My Little Pony. She used a Pinkie Pie figure, air-dry clay and acrylic paint.


My 9 year old is proud of me guys. That means more than you can imagine.

There are so many amazing things that people have contributed for the raffle and auction. I'm truly humbled by their support, and yours.

All of the proceeds from Open Beta and C# merch sales, the raffle and silent auction will be put into the UNINVITED Kickstarter at the end of the night. (At which point I will be donning my pajamas and going to some all-night dining establishment and falling face first into a milkshake or something.) As of this post, we are so close to the 50% mark and heading into the final 5 days of the campaign to fund the next book.

Above all, #Satyrthon is going to be fun. Music, laughter, shennanigans. And Iron Man. I hope you'll join us--in person or via the internet--and share in our good times.

The more the merrier, so please spread the word and links.