#Satyrthon - Raffle Items

photo by Melissa McCollum Hey, doves! So, #Satyrthon is Friday, September 25! We will have books for sale as well as exclusive C# merch and Open Beta swag. Not only that, we're holding a raffle and a silent auction. Since I'm so freaking excited about this concert, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at some of the items available for our raffle. The following items have been graciously donated by local Phoenix artists for the express purpose of raising money for the UNINVITED Kickstarter

Buttons not included, but will be available for purchase.

Open Beta T-Shirt (multiple sizes available) - From Open Beta, the geek folk trio that will be playing the music at #Satyrthon. The band consists of Paul Schmidt (vocals and guitar), Erin Lewis (violin and vocals) and Brian Abernethy (vocals and bodhran). The have roots in the Irish music scene but have branched out to include an eclectic mix of geek folk and pop covers.


Dreamstalker Films T-Shirt (size XL) - DreamStalker Films is a small independent film company based in Mesa, AZ. They have been working as a business since 2009, but have been making films since 1999. The company is co-owned by Joseph M. Benzer and Derek Lookingbill.
They began with the short fanfilm: “Slayer Wars: Episode LVII: The Vampyre Strikes Back,” which for the first time combined Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the Jedi and Sith of Star Wars. This film was shot entirely on VHS and took 4 years in total to complete with visual effects, but did not get an original score until 2008. The Uber-Special Edition cut of the film premiered for the first time publically at the 2009 Phoenix Comicon.
12002147_10207059038421602_4199871247315087421_nSince then, they have moved from VHS to Digital and now to High Definition, completed 13 original short films, and premiered several of them at local events including the Almost Famous Film Festivals and the Phoenix Comicon Film Festivals. They are currently in post-production on two "Slayer Wars" sequels, and early pre-production on two short films and two feature films.
More information can be found on their website www.dreamstalkerfilms.com.

2 Dreamstalker Films DVDsDreamStalker Films Shorts Volume I DVD:
2010 Collection includes our first 5 original Short Films and one Bonus Short including A3F honorable mention "Down and Out" and Phoenix Comicon official selection "The Family that Decays Together...". Special Features include gag reels and behind the scenes slideshows and films.
DreamStalker Films Shorts Volume II DVD:
2014 Collection includes 7 Short Films and one Bonus Short including Phoenix Comicon official selections "Laptops' Revenge, "The Con", and "Tea Time". Special Features include gag reels and behind the scenes slideshows for each film.

12042123_10207118584780326_2034742629_nViking "Helmet" - This adult-sized viking hat was hand-knitted and donated by Cheryl Doebler of Simply Sanity Creations. The cap is made of machine-washable acrylic yarn. *Note: the picture is of a prototype design that is not the same item that will be available at #Satyrthon. The artist has improved the design and the horns will be placed higher on the "helmet".

il_570xN.260346597Silk Tie - This hand-painted silk tie comes to us from Melissa McCollum with Tangible Daydreams. The tie is 100% charmeuse silk painted with setasilk dye. Due to the process, no two ties will ever be the same. We chose this one in earthy, golden hues because it is very Marius.

by Michelle McCullom

"Eris" Print - Michelle McCollum of Amusing Possibilities sketched this drawing of "Eris" based on the deity's appearance in WILD CARD (Etudes in C#, No. 1). It is colored pencil on paper. The image has been scanned and printed for raffle at #Satyrthon. Some of you might recognize this as the header art for the UNVEILED Kickstarter in 2014. It also has the honor of being my first piece of fan art AND my favorite representation of Eris....EVER.





Each of these items will have a cup representing it. If you want one (or all) of them, purchase raffle tickets and stuff the cups! Tickets are $1 each and must have your name on the back. YOU MUST BE PRESENT AT THE TIME OF THE DRAWING TO WIN.

Question Block

The Chaos Raffle

There will be an additional cup for the raffle. As we've mentioned, there will also be a silent auction with some higher-value items available. Should any of the non-reserve items from the auction turn up without a bid--or raffle items receive no tickets--they will become part of the Chaos Cup raffle. Throughout the night, brave souls may place their raffle tickets into the Chaos Cup. At 9:30 pm, when the auction is ended, we will see if there are any items in the Chaos Cup. Tickets already placed in the Chaos Cup may not be removed, but more can be added. There is no guarantee that any items will be left from the auction. That's the gamble you take. If there are multiple, non-reserve items left after the silent auction, those will be raffled off, but the winner will not get to choose her/his prize.