#Satyrthon - The Recap!

original image: David Tennant from Fright Night. Modified by Emma Lysyk. Goooooooooood Monday morning, Internet! As you faithful readers know, Friday last we had a fundraiser for the UNINVITED Kickstarter. Phoenix's geeky folky trio Open Beta played some JoCo covers, some ripping fiddle tunes, and my favorite version of Baby Got Back to the Irish tune "My Brother Sylveste". It never gets old. For me, anyway. Thank you, Open Beta, for indulging me.

It wasn't all fun and games, though. 

Okay, so it was mostly fun and games. For those of you who were there or watching from home, you might have noticed that things did not, in fact, start promptly on time at 8pm as they were rumored to do.

For those who don't know, the original title for WILD CARD (Book 1 in the Etudes in C# series) was "Technical Difficulties". Various people at the original publisher informed me that for various reason we should change that title. So I did. But that doesn't mean that said title doesn't get invoked from time to time. So, imagine my absolute surprise when I got to the venue just after 6:30pm and discovered that things weren't going smoothly.

You can get this if you back the Kickstarter for $10 or more.

We had some issues with traffic keeping people from getting there on time. One of the phones we were going to use for the Periscope feed wouldn't connect to the store's interwebs. Which meant that the phone we were going to use for merch sales had to be appropriated. There were some issues with the sound equipment. And there were other things, too.

I won't lie. Initially, I wanted to breathe into a paper bag or disappear into the bottle of tequila in said paper bag. But then, I remembered that such things are how one is blessed by Trickster Spirit. The characters of my books embody Trickster, really. So, these mishaps...the static on the speakers, the missing instrument, the problems with transportation? All of that was just Loki saying hello. The Tricksters made their presence known, and when they do that you can either shake your fist and thus piss them off because you just tossed their gift back in their faces.... or you can embrace it, laugh, and love the damn bomb.

I chose the latter. 12043091_812986068814240_9043675200092424679_n And after that everything went insanely well.

Our emcee, Antonius Stark, and I talked to the crowd and let them know why we were gathered at Gotham City Comics. We talked about the Cat Sharp books, the Kickstarter and the fundraiser that night. The band played. Raffle tickets and merch were purchased. Auction bids were made silently, and by 10 pm we'd raised $1175 to make UNINVITED a real book.

12072561_812975578815289_8664882780180906166_nSome highlights of the evening included Antonius Stark donning a Jayne Cobb hat while the band played "Hero of Canton"... Erin--the silent auction winner of both Zach Reddy's Cat & Marius print, and the Loki Chip Lamp by Emma Lysyk--informed me that her husband hates urban fantasy but devoured and loved my books. (That made me squee.) And the kids... omg. A 4 year old gave me her weekly ice cream money, and a young boy won the Viking Helmet knit by Cheryl Doebler and nearly vibrated with excitement because of it.

Everything from the silent auction went to good homes. Every raffle item was taken home. It was awesome.

The only problem is that Open Beta's drummer Brian made this face when he found out that he might not get UNINVITED. 12036877_812974458815401_3400225020423583561_n

Please, gods, back the Kickstarter so that he never makes that face again.

All told, #Satyrthon brought the Kickstarter from 49% funded to 65% funded! YOU did that! Thank you to Gotham City Comics, to Open Beta, to all of the artists who donated items for the raffle and auction, and to everyone who came out to support us.

You can see the whole photo album here including pictures of the band, the auction items and their winners, and more of Antonius Stark. Photos by Melissa McCollum.

We're in the final hours of the Kickstarter and need your help. So please pass it on, spread the word, back the project and help us make this book real!