Seeing Stars

tumblr_mcxdo07n7l1qdmdiio2_400_zps8712b79fSo I'm in this really weird place right now. (Metaphorically speaking, that is. Geographically...well, Mesa is no weirder than any place else, right? Don't answer that.) Anyway, last week was pretty kick ass. My daughter turned 8. We had the best Halloween in years. There was the big coming out party for WILD CARD. We revealed the cover. The book is now live and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes. (I'm on goddamn iTunes! How the fuck did that happen?) The book is seeing action on Goodreads thanks to the fact that there are a few galleys floating around. (In fact, as of this posting there are still a few review copies available for book bloggers/professional readers to snatch up. Details here.) Over the weekend, the book even got its first ever online review. Five stars, btw. My mind went splodey when I saw that. Anyway, this....? This is awesomesauce is what it is. My book is sorta out there. Think of it like limited release. And already there's feedback coming in, and I can see it and I'm trying not to look, but it's there and it's got me on pins and damn needles.

But it's WEIRD!

You know that feeling you get sometimes when you think someone is talking about you? That whole, "are your ears burning" wives' tale? Yeah, it's like that. I'm sitting here doing my own thing with family, cuddling my sick kiddo or playing Fluxx with her....and I get this nagging feeling like I've forgotten to turn off the stove or check for an important text.

Plus there's that whole thing about me being able to search myself on iTunes. *shakes head* I have an Amazon ranking, people. If that's not fucked up, I dont' know what is.


Anyway, there's a ton going on right now. Getting ready for a blog tour, working on Book 3. Another couple of short/small projects are on the burners. There's one thing in particular that I'm waiting to get the accept/reject notice on. Any minute now. On edge about that one. (That never changes, folks.)

Not to mention that November is hellaciously busy on a real-life level. Weekends are filled with weddings, or birthday parties for the passel of kidlings that were all born this month 8 years ago. Oh, and my dad and step-mom are coming to town. *happy dance* Seriously? Stoked about this. Haven't seen them in too long. Plus they'll be here the weekend just before release day. I get to celebrate with them! \o/ Woot! And there's other stuff that I can't divulge at present. (So yeah, that should answer any questions you might have had about me doing NaNoWriMo this year. I'm not. To those of you who are...good luck. I salute you.)

Life is badass. It's freaky. It's awesome. It's fast. It's hovering.

So yeah. This blog has been getting away from me while I work.

I just have to say something, though...

Thank you. Right now above all things I'm overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude. Seriously, to those who've pre-ordered already, or marked it to-read on your Goodreads, or sent me good vibes or helped spread the word: from the bottom of every cockle of my dark little heart: THANK YOU.


Nerdmaste, y'all.