green_lantern_symbol So this happened today, and while it's all crazy coincidence... I have to share it and keep it for my personal posterity. (Sure, I could paper journal it, but there's enough Twilight Zone in it, that I find it interesting.) 

A few bits of backstory that will help this make sense. 1) My purse is covered in buttons and badges. Most of a geek variety. Phoenix Comicon pins, Hard Rock Cafe, stuff from Steam Crow & Changing Hands, a Green Lantern badge that I got off the free swag table... you know... buttons. 2) Back in 2004 my grandfather died on a Monday. I was with him the weekend prior (having ditched out of work to go be at his bedside and tell him that I loved him as many times as I could before the end), but (because I didn't want to lose my job) I went home on Sunday night. He passed away the next day and I got fired at the end of that week. Anyway, my mom was with him and called me with the news that he'd passed. 3) My grandmother is still alive and living in Indiana with my aunts.

So last night, I had a dream.

My grandma was dying. My aunt was on the phone with me (and kept turning into my grandmother) saying, "We thought before she was almost gone, but when I saw her today, I just knew...this is it. You need to get here. Now."

I told her that I couldn't afford next week's surgery AND a plane ticket.

They kept insisting that I get there. Hurry hurry hurry! My mom then said, "Call her before it's too late." When I tried to call, no one would answer. I tried both aunt's cell phones and my grandma's landline...but no one would fucking answer even though they'd just told me to call! Finally, when the phone rang through, I found myself not at home, but in the room with them. (Spooky telephone-teleportation shit!) Anyway, the person on the bed wasn't my grandmother, but my grand*father*.  In the dream, I sat beside him and held his hand as he died. Then, I called my mother with the news (relaying it to her just as she had to me). Then I cried until my soul was empty.

But the dream didn't stop there. As we were preparing for the funeral, I was asked to give one of my buttons to my grandfather because he would've liked it. I chose one that I had a match for, so that we'd each have one of the same. But at the funeral, my grandmother told me not to do it. Well, me being me, I went up to the casket and leaned over his body.

"I have something for you," I said.

He looked at me and reached out his hand convulsively. (In the dream I just attributed this to the myth that bodies will have jerking spasms after death as gasses shift and muscles...well...unmuscle.) I gave him a white button with a lantern on it, and I held up my mate to it.

"The lantern will light the way and help me find you. And I've got one, too, so you can look for me."

I cried more. So did he.

And that's what I remember of it.

Now here's the freakydeaky part.

I was thinking about this dream this morning while driving home from dropping my daughter at school. I turned a corner and got flashed by the sun right as the song on my radio said the line, "I will return as a brilliant shining light." (The song is called "Smile" by Remy Zero.)

I looked down for a moment to clear my eyes of the sun, and saw the my Green Lantern button had fallen off of my purse.



And that's set the tone for the day.


*8 Nov 2014 EDIT: So last night I went to a friend's house for game night and we were playing the DC Comics Deck-builder. I chose my hero card from a dozen face-down cards. Guess which one I drew?