Spice - It Flows

Wow, I've gotten bad about updating this thing. Please accept my humblest mea culpas, intrepid readers. Life around ye olde homestead has been interesting lately. The Tooth Fairy visited our house for the first time last week. That's right, my daughter lost her first tooth. The second isn't far behind.What else, what else... ?Oh, I'm surrounded by awesomeness. Good friends are expecting babies, getting married, changing jobs (for the better) and life continues its awesomeness. I'm excited for the babies, I gotta tell you, because while my biological clock ran out of batteries, I have been wanting to snuggle a newborn for the past couple of months. I don't want another one of my own--several reasons for that, and it's a whole other post!--but I miss babies. And strangers get kinda weird when you just try to randomly take their infant from the shopping cart and snuggle. Sorry, Guy-at-Target. It won't happen again. Life here is pretty sweet.

In writerly type goodness, the Wahine--that's me, for you newcomers--started a new project. I had to put the zombie sequel aside. I need some perspective, and I've been angsty/obsessive over it, so into the proverbial drawer it goes for a bit. Well, one of the other projects I had on the side was a short from the point of view of one of my side characters from the first book. It's her origin story. Well, I started writing it and like the Spice, it felt it a moral imperative that I fill many kilobytes of computer space with a quickness. The story took different shapes than I originally expected, darker twists than I could have hoped. And to top it all off, I fucking love it. In its unfinished, raw and rough form, I'm incredibly proud of it. It's longer than anticipated as well. (That's what she said.) I don't intend for it to be another novel, but it will probably top out around the 35-40k mark on the wordcount.

Also, I've begun a torrid love affair with Pandora internet radio. Yes, I know, I'm late to the party, but for a while I just didn't get it. Why do the Pandora thing when I've got iTunes? Oh, silly rabbit. I freaking love Pandora. Yesterday, it provided the perfect mix of sweaty, bitter, angry-sex music to act as a backdrop for the scene I was writing. Plus, I've tried to stump Pandora. Give me a station with Daft Punk and Bollywood. You did it! Alright, Gogol Bordello and "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" by the Beatles. Fucking awesome. And somehow, Shivaree ends up on every station I make. Go figure. The new music I'm getting is just fueling this feeling of inspiration.

Spring is coming and the cold winter finally recedes.

Let's make something awesome.

PS: If you're not already reading the hilarity over at #publishingmyths on Twitter, you should. It's priceless.