Stay On Target

Oooooh, the end of this rough draft is so close I can tongue its tonsils. I started writing the Big Bad Climactic Scene of Ultimate Destiny today. I will probably come up short on my word goal, but that's how my rough drafts usually roll. (On the plus side, this rough draft has already outstripped the rough draft for Book 1. Woot!)

I'm becoming more and more of a plotter as I go on with this series. On one hand, it might be the nature of the series. When you have multiple trickster gods playing games, each with his and her own Rube Goldberg-esque machinations, things get sticky. The story bible isn't just a good idea, it's goddamn necessary in this case. Soon I'll be cracking the spine on my second notebook devoted solely to this project.

The world is a fun one to play in. The characters are rich, the landscape is intriguing and constantly unfolding to show me new things. It is fertile soil and I love digging my hands in it to make something. I can't wait for you to finally see it.

Writing is a strange beast. It is delayed gratification and yet still immediately satisfying.

Life is strange.

Take care of yourselves, kids. I'll be back soon and we'll talk.

How are you?