Still Alive

Wow, has it really been nearly 2 weeks since I posted? Christ. Sorry, gang.  So, after finishing draft zero of the book, I took a weekend off (which was harder than you might think) and then dove into some edits and revisions. I've been doing that and working on a companion short story for the past couple of weeks. I'm stoked about this project, kids. I absolutely LOVE it and can't write the material fast enough. So, the time I would be spending penning blogs, I'm using on fiction.

Also, we've been seriously pursuing a house. There's one in the cross hairs and I'm very excited. Here's hoping.

Um, what else....? Life is just busy right now. I get up and walk/bus the kiddo to school, walk home, write, walk back to school to pick her up and bus home. With house hunting and friends' joyous life events and other such things, time is now a luxury item.

...How are you?