Stuff. And More Stuff.

BgclUm-CAAAf5h7Happy Friday. It is, once again, the martyrdom day and chocolates and stuff abound. Blah. I hope you're having a good one regardless. Shit has hit the fan around here, to be quite honest. My car died 3 weeks ago. I had hoped that we could resurrect her, but without a young priest, an old priest and some black market organs it's just not happening. So, I spent the past week in Craigslist hell trying to get the most out of her that I could. Sweet Jesus... there are some pushy ass people in the world. People who think that because you've put up an ad you owe them something. Asshats.

In the end, though, I got more for the car than I would from a junk site or something, so there's that. For the foreseeable future, however, I am sans ride. I'll be going back to getting the kiddo to school via city bus and walking the couple of miles home. In the meantime, I urge you to check out Wild Card. If you haven't bought it yet, please do. Just remember, buying a copy of the book gets me one step closer to new wheels and the sanity of freedom.

I also met my mother-in-law for the first time this week. Yeah, I know you might think that having been with Sean for more than 9 years at this point--and having a child together--I'd have met her sooner. But you'd be wrong. She lived in Baltimore and we have been here in Phoenix. None of us has been able to travel for one reason or another, so yeah. It went better than expected. She's going to be moving out here in the next couple of months.

I did not manage to get my submission for the Lightspeed Magazine "Women Destroy Science Fiction" issue finished by today's deadline. Hell, I couldn't even settle on a story. Life has gotten in the way of my fantasy, to be honest. It's been a stressful couple of weeks.

by Reylia Slaby (courtesy of Dark Beauty Magazine)

I've been playing with a new idea that might become a story. Right now it's in the early stages of development, spelunking the depths of the world and plumbing the expanse of possibilities. I will tell you that this story is very visual. Typically, story ideas come with some element of sound with them, a specific playlist that helps coax them into the open. This one, however, is quiet...but opulent. Image-heavy. And specific. It has a definite personality. It knows who it is, but is slow to reveal all.

I'm meeting some of the inhabitants of this world, talking to a few people who live there and trying to find who has a story to tell. And while I explore, I'm taking notes of how the story would be told... would it be first person? Tight focus? Or wide-lens third? Who is the protagonist? Most of the answers I have are what I *don't* want. But that's almost as important as knowing what you do want, isn't it?

Anyway. Life has been batshit crazy of late with little sleep and dreams of fighting off Smaug with only Alton Brown to help me. Other than my blessed family and friends keeping me sane, there have been two shining lights:

1) My dear friend Inge surprised me with tickets to another "Dragon Training" class. Still hoping for pictures from the first, and will try to get some shots from the next, but I'm very excited to play with fire again.

2) The Olympics. Yeah, I hate NBC's coverage of the games, but the Olympics have been fantastic. Helpful. Nightly, my faith in humanity is restored one luge, ski jump or quadruple toe loop at a time.