Summer Haze

While the summer heat still has a strangle hold on the Valley of the Sun--and will for a few more months--the vacation is almost over. My daughter starts school again on Monday. There is much rejoicing from both parents and child. With the Hubbins working from home, the kiddo and I homebound due to car issues...yeah, sanity fell into an abyss. What this means is that I will be back to a regular writing schedule! (Woo!) It also means that I'll be picking up on the blog and Twitter again.

I'm very excited about the next few weeks. I finished the rough draft of Book 2 a few weeks ago, did a quick and dirty edit then sent it off to the Attack Fish. So far the responses are positive and give fantastic direction for future edits. While I wait for my beta readers to get back to me, I am outlining Book 3 and seeing what terrible things I can do to my characters there.

So yeah. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm close to ending my summer-induced hibernation and that makes me happy.

Watch this space, kids. Stuff is about to get fun.