Summertime Blue

Wahine's Log: Star Date 0609.11. I've been boarded by the strange little humanoid lifeform. Her arms twine around my neck and fingers curl in my hair. The will to do anything but entertain and interact with this stunning little creature is being sapped. The muses speak of mutiny.

Alright, so it's summer vacation for my 5-year-old-daughter. She has been home for most of two weeks now and in that time we've done some exploring, some playing and she's helped me get a lot of work done. But very little of that work has involved getting words on a page. She has been exceedingly patient while I've been emailing/phone-calling to clean up the mess lately. Considering I feel guilt about said emailing/phone-calling that keeps me from my first job (MOMMING!), I've been putting off the writing time (for now). That makes me a little ... what's the word? Batshit crazy? Yeah, I think that sums it up nicely.

But, the next 8 weeks aren't going to give me the freedom I had just a few weeks ago from 9 to 2 where words were mine for the taking. Where pages waited anxiously to be filled with my whims and schizoid ramblings. (My mother reminded me the other day of the time I went into meet a child psychologist for issues and told her that I heard voices in my head. No, not crazy, just a writer.) Anyway...summer camp or the summer session our school offers just won't fit into the lifestyle (ie budget/single-car-family) so...I have to get creative. Luckily, this is not new to me. The husband and I spent the cash we COULD have spent on summer camp and a little extra sanity to purchase memberships to the Phoenix Zoo, Sea Life Aquarium and a bus pass. Last week, Sean (the aforementioned husband for those just joining us) and I took the kiddo to the Zoo for water play, elephants and baboons oh my! The best part...

...okay, so our Zoo has free-range peacocks. (Sorry, BronxZooCobra.) When Sean and I got married at the Zoo last year, a certain peacock traipsed through our ceremony site and peeked into the cottage where my bridesmaids and I were getting ready. I swear he looked in and said (in the voice of Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa), "Ladies, you look lovely, but I am fabulous!"  But, I digress. So, peacocks roam freely. One of our first stops last week was to visit the Komodo dragons. We heard the shrieking peacock before we saw it.

"Halp!" it said. "Halp! I fucked up and flew into the komodo dragon's enclosure and if I move it might bite off my pretty face! Halp!"

Yeah, this poor peacock was just cowering beneath a small shrub. Jewel-tone blue doesn't camouflage well in the desert. Just sayin'.

We did find a Zoo employee and let them know that one of their birds may have made an oops and I think it did get out safely. We could have imagined it, but I think the King Vulture roosting just across from the dragon had this look of, "Hey, can you let me out? I hear there's going to be peacock for dinner."

So, that was awesome.

Yesterday, Kiara and I took our first excursion into the unknown bus routes. Well, I screwed up and missed our stop, so we did some walking around downtown Mesa. There are definitely worse places to be lost. Downtown Mesa is a grid of cobblestones, statuary, little shops lining the streets, museums, arts epitomizes "quaint". So, we were en route to the Mesa Public Library because a certain someone has a mad on for this Giant Squid book she got months ago. Well, as I said, I messed up our stop. So, we're walking around and we come across a dinosaur skeleton.

"MOM!" K shouts. "It's the Museum of Natural History! Can we go there?"

Dinosaurs, rocks and gold panning? Hells to the yeah! I didn't get lost, we had an adventure! We saw a triceratops skeleton and a T-Rex. (I kept hoping a duster-clad wizard would show up and ride the T-Rex out onto Center Street, but alas...) We touched a meteorite that was older than our sun! We panned for gold and came home with a few flecks. Together, my daughter and I navigated a recreation of the Lost Dutchman Mine and discovered what life was like for the Hohokam Indians.

Yeah, as yesterday proves...failure is always an option.

After we'd explored Arizona's diverse past (and gotten freaked out by a stealthy mammoth), K still wanted to go to the library. We walked around the corner and ensconced ourselves in the juvenile non-fiction section. Five minutes later, K's little arms were laden with ten books, each about a different species of ocean creature. Jellies, turtles, sharks, rays, whales...the kid is ready to dive right in to the big blue and see what's down there.

So, I think this means that we'll do a lot of reading and then take a field trip to Sea Life next week and see just what we're reading about. (The stingrays there swim along the top of the tank and wave at you. It's cool! And they're HUGE!)

After the library, we bussed our way back to our end of town and walked a half mile home. And had ice cream. I'd call yesterday a resounding success. Today, we're going to hang out with some friends and swim.

Yeah, this summer is going to rock.

(Mommy still needs some dedicated writing time. Blogs are one thing. If I'm working on fiction, it's like she knows and every time I type a period, she interrupts. Seriously, it's a superpower.)

And now, I'm off to enjoy a day with my daughter and friends.

Until next time, kids!