Sunday Fortune

So, it's a lazy Sunday around this house. The husband and I have been wasting time on various incarnations of Plants vs Zombies...the daughter is watching School House Rock and sitting on laps to read the color text on Plants vs Zombies...the cats are sleeping in sunbeams or shredding toilet paper. For us, life is pretty damn good right about now.

Sean, my beloved hubbins, is the best at what he does in the kitchen. And what he does is so terribly tasty. Last night we had a couple of friends over for a dinner of Kung Pao Spaghetti. May I just say: NOMZ! Well, there were leftovers and I enjoyed some this afternoon for my lunch. I also cracked open a fortune cookie to see what wisdom it could offer me on this fine day. After eating one half as is my superstitious habit, I unfolded the tiny strip of paper to see:

Your present plans are going to succeed.
At first I was all squeeful! Yay, I'm going to get a six-figure book deal from the publisher of my dreams and my meteoric rise to authorly awesomeness will begin! Muahahahahah! Wait, no, I'm smarter than that. Hmm...what could this fortune possibly portend? Will I wake up in the morning fifty pounds lighter and a lottery winner? No. Will I finally have the willpower to say no to chocolate? Heh! Right. Blasphemer! Will I go to the store and get valentines for K's kindergarten class exchange tomorrow? Probably.
While I'd love to fantasize that this little strip of paper has done what 10 million shakes of my trusty Magic 8 Ball couldn't, In all reality, though, it probably just means that it's time to turn off Plants vs Zombies and get around to cleaning the house.
A girl can dream, though.
How bout you? What do you want today?