Sunday Quickie

 So, my brain is fried from a weekend spent out in the sun. We had a great time with some friends on Friday playing some D&D (4th edition; I was running a Drow Warlock for those of you who are curious). Then, after tending to some housework, Saturday saw us heading across town to spend time swimming, gaming, eating and talking with still more friends. We stayed there last night rather than trek back home and make two 5 year olds cry for missing one another and spent today in the pool. I'm tired.

So, I thought I would write a quick post that has nothing to do with writing, agents, short stories, politics or cons. But what should we talk about? My brain feels about the same consistency as tapioca pudding right now, so I'm not up for much. I thought I'd do a post about... my cats!

So, a couple of Septembers ago, I got a call from my friend Zen. She said that a stray had given birth to three kittens at her apartment and that the kittens would be ready for homes just about the time that my daughter K turned 4. Two of the litter were jet black and K's birthday is just before Halloween. It seemed to be kismet.

Factoid: The husband and I rent our house and our lease says no pets. Depressed, I turned down Zen's offer.

Well, flash forward about 6 months...last spring. You know how some people get the "must have a baby" crazies? I developed a strange need to have cats in the house. I grew up with cats and dammit, I missed the patter of paws. So, I talked it over with Sean. He missed kitties, too. We got approval from the landlord and talked to Zen. She still hadn't found homes for 2 of the 3 kittens. Zen, Sean and I got together so we could meet the fuzzies.

TyGrr and Sprocket, sisters wee, couldn't be separated. That much is certain. They used to snuggle together all the time and it was evident that if one came home with us so would the other. Sprocket was aptly named. Sleek, black and spring-loaded, this one bounced all over the place. TyGrr, stripey with a very fuzzy white tummy, was a little love. She purred and loved getting pettin's. But, it was obvious that she was trouble. How one can fit so much cuteness and mischief into such a tiny body is beyond me.

Last July, the girls came to live with us. They've been a blessing to us all ever since. In that time, Sprocket has gotten to be a big black cat. Her gravity is strong. She sits in the front window of our house all day, soaking up the rays of the sun. Then, she lays down on you, purring, and imparts all of that gravity to you. You can't move. You can't fight it. I'm convinced that Sprocket's ancestors include a Black Hole and the G'mork from Neverending Story. For as big as she is, she has this pitiful little mew.

TyGrr is still a petite little thing. She is our escape artist. She wants to go outside, flop under the orange tree and roll in the reddish dirt...getting it all over her gorgeous white paws ... and our carpet. *sigh* She demands our worship in the form of tummy rubs. Of the two, she is the most vocal.

These are our cats. They make our life a little furrier, funnier and their purrs are just what our family needed to be complete.