Auld Lang Syne

Here it is, New Year's Eve. With just over 12 hours left, 2012 is trying to get me to hate it and shove it out the door. But I can't, really. So much happened this year......my cousin Rich and my Aunt Cathy (no relation to one another) passed away....I signed on with my stellar agent Jennie Goloboy. ...I made new friends and contacts within the industry. ...I wrote another book and several short pieces. ...I got my 7th tattoo. ...my husband changed jobs (twice). ...I turned 32. ...my daughter turned 7.

Friends had babies. Friends got divorced and married.  I read new books. I found new comedians and television shows to enjoy. I listened to new bands. Saw movies. Played games....and lots of other stuff, too. Most of it beneath the surface. Little changes that don't look like much from the outside.

And so 2012 -- the Year of Behaving Admirably -- draws to a close. It's been an odd duck, 2012. It started off with a bang of awesome. It saw some low points and changes. But all in all, I'd call 2012 a success. Thank you for being part of it. I hope you stick around for 2013, because we've got some awesome stories to make.

Very Merries, Gang!

Nerdmaste, darlings. Today is Christmas Eve! I've spent the past few days in various states of playing nurse-mom to a sick kiddo to being the sick kiddo. I hit a state of fever-induced delirium last night that would've made sense of any of Hunter S. Thompson's worst trips. BUT! I wake up and said fever is broken, the full-body-ache has abated and I'm ready to hit this Christmas thing very lightly. (Because I'm still tired and all that other stuff that happens when you're sick.)

I've had a few different blog posts cooking lately and little time to post them. I've got some news to share when I am able, but today is not that day. Besides, it's not a day about me, it's Christmas Eve! The kiddo is dancing around expectant of St. Nick's arrival, my mother will be over later...presents are wrapped and food awaits prepping. All that glee.

And I know that you're probably just as busy. So, I will leave you with this, a blast from Christmas past. This is a bit of flash fiction I wrote last year featuring Cat and Marius from my Etudes in C# series. A little cheer with a stayr's leer. Have at it.

Merry Christmas. Have a good and blessed holiday and know that you are loved.

Nerdmaste, my friends.

Do Not Adjust Your Monitor

You're in the right place. You're not hallucinating. I have changed the background of the blog. I love red, but just as much, I heart blue...so I thought I would try this for a bit. 

I'm still editing and revising this draft of the new book, so if I'm at the computer, I'm breathing this project. I'll be back on the blog horse soon. I've got some stuff to talk about. 

In the meantime, hope you're all doing well. Say hey. 

Shine on.

Still Alive

Wow, has it really been nearly 2 weeks since I posted? Christ. Sorry, gang.  So, after finishing draft zero of the book, I took a weekend off (which was harder than you might think) and then dove into some edits and revisions. I've been doing that and working on a companion short story for the past couple of weeks. I'm stoked about this project, kids. I absolutely LOVE it and can't write the material fast enough. So, the time I would be spending penning blogs, I'm using on fiction.

Also, we've been seriously pursuing a house. There's one in the cross hairs and I'm very excited. Here's hoping.

Um, what else....? Life is just busy right now. I get up and walk/bus the kiddo to school, walk home, write, walk back to school to pick her up and bus home. With house hunting and friends' joyous life events and other such things, time is now a luxury item.

...How are you?

Fire for Fun And Profit

So, not many of my humble readers know this, but, I'm a fire artist. In 2006 I started learning the art of poi spinning. While you may be thinking of the taro root paste Hawaiians make, poi is also a Maori art form. Essentially, put a ball on the end of a string, spin in pretty patterns. Et voila! Poi spinning.

But, Nick Woolsey can show you better than I can tell you.

After 6 weeks of training and some fire safety classes, I started lighting my poi on fire. Then, I kept on learning more advanced poi techniques while performing and acting as fire safety for various troupes in the Valley. |I got to perform for the Dresden Dolls' art brigade in 2008! I even taught workshops and classes here and there. However, in the Summer of 2008, I slipped 2 discs in my lower back, pinched a nerve and  had to stop spinning for a while.

But, now....

I'm back and I'm teaching beginner's classes.

It doesn't matter if you have the coordination of a turnip; if you want to learn for exercise, for performance or for the fun of it; if you want to learn to play with fire or to just spin unlit props; if you're 10 or 50 years old - you can come to my class. Hey, already a spinner and want to stay sharp? You're welcome, too!

Right now, classes are scheduled for Sunday from 2-3pm, however if there is enough interest, I will add a second class either on Sunday afternoons or another day of the week. Due to the nature of poi spinning, we will be practicing in my back yard, so you need to dress accordingly. (Comfortable, loose clothing you can move in, but nothing too baggy.) MEN: You may want to consider wearing a cup.

We will have water, but any other beverages are BYOB.

What to bring:
-a pair of tube/athletic/knee socks
-a pair of tennis balls
-a playful attitude

What we'll be covering:
9/19 - Basics (Holding the poi, simple spins, stops/stalls, spinner speak, how to get hit and laugh about it)
9/26 - The 3 Beat Weave
10/3 - Basic Butterfly
10/10 - Butterfly Variations
10/17 - Chasing the Sun and Reels
10/24 - Catch Up and Review
10/31 - No Class
11/7 - Review and Fire Safety Training
11/14 - Review, Spin Jam and Burn*

*The burn is optional. In order to burn you MUST have been present for fire safety training AND you must have the proper clothing. Those under 18 must have parental consent for fire activities. 

Depending on how well the class progresses, we may cover additional material. I will schedule the Intermediate class at a later date.  While we will always spend some time at the beginning of class reviewing the last week's work, you are encouraged to make it to every class. If you miss a class and want to schedule a private make-up lesson, contact me and we'll work it out.

Please RSVP with me if you want to take the class and I will give you the location info.