Boom De Yada

Alright, so it's no secret that I am a dork and I heart the BoomDeYada songs from Discovery Channel. I also love any variation (the XKCD homage and its subsequent video are up there, too). It's my ringtone!

Well, I've had Boomdeyada stuck in my head...forever... and now, I've started with my own version of it. It started on Facebook with me just typing boomdeyada boomdeyada boomdeyada boomdeyada... then Krista Long contributed "I love the nerds. I love my awesome friends..."

Me: "I love my dork boys and game nights that never end." Brian: "I love the whole world, Olympics start tonight! boomdeyada boomdeyada boomdeyada boomdeyada..."

So now, I'm going to keep it going.... Happy Friday, y'all! BOOMDEYADA

I love my hobbits
I love my Ohana.

I love Dark Chocolate. I love Manah Manah. I love the whole world and being part of it. Boomdeyada Boomdeyada Boomdeyada Boomdeyada

I love red rocks.
I love the Blue Man Group.
I love to play with fire
and local circus troupes.
I love the whole world! No place I'd rather be.
Boomdeyada boomdeyada boomdeyada boomdeyada

The world is awesome.

The Mouth of Madness

So, as some of you know, I'm getting married this year. Saturday, March 20 to be exact. When Sean and I got engaged in May of '09 it was one of those "it's about freaking time!" things as we've been together for 5 years, have a child...etc. And, at the initial "we're engaged!" phase, we did some broad discussing about wedding stuff. Then in June, we really started getting into planning. We nailed down our bakery for the cake, we got a florist and a venue. (We're getting married at the Phoenix Zoo and it's going to rock!) Then, we went into a radio silence of sorts. No planning or talking about the wedding until like... you know, last month. Then, this week happened.

Sunday we purchased our invitations. I made a spreadsheet for guest list tracking, started compiling addresses and got on the phone to talk to caterers. We've paid off the cake and are ready to pay off the florist. I've made hair and facial appointments for the bridal party. I've sent around an email to the bridal party, our friend who is doing pictures, our friend who is performing the ceremony and family members with the loose itinerary...

...and I feel like I'm forgetting something. I mean, we've been trying to figure out what to do about decorations/favors for months, and that's still there, but I feel like I'm missing something major. I know I'm not. We don't need a DJ/Band as we're having our super-talented guests bring instruments and having a fireside hoolie. No need for limos, programs or any of that. I've got my dress and 90% of my accessories covered. My bridal party is rocktastic... Sean has to figure out what he and his menfolk are wearing.

I dunno.

Maybe I'll feel better when we get the invitations out and book the caterer.


In other news, 2010 was kicked off with a fantastic weekend. New Year's Eve I broke the 2 year slump as far as fire-spinning is concerned. It was fabulous. Pictures/video forthcoming. Just had a great night amongst friends. Friday, did dinner with friends and then went out to kareoke with some others. That was a blast. Closed the night with an epic version of No Rain. Saturday gaming with... you guessed it... friends. Sunday, got some housework done, watched some football. Then yesterday, more work. More wedding planning.

Good times.

For 2010 I resolve the following:

-To turn 30 -To get married -To enjoy every damn moment I can.

not necessarily in that order.


Peace out, homies.