pi day

Around the House

So, this blog has gotten rather writer-centric lately, so I thought I'd take a post to just talk about things that are actually going on in my life.For starters, it's Pi day. Woot! Well, my 5 year old doesn't exactly know this, but this afternoon she asked to bake a cake. I told her no, we don't have the things to make a cake. She then saw a can of apple pie filling and said, "Let's make pie!" We had a crust in the freezer, it's Pi day... why the hell not. So there's an apple pie in the oven. My first attempt at a crumb topping, too. We'll see how that goes. Speaking of the kiddo... she lost her first tooth last month and the second isn't far behind. School's great. Montessori was definitely the right choice for her. She's on Spring Break right now after spending most of last week at home with a wicked cough. So, to say she's getting bored with Mom is a bit of an understatement.

In other news, most of the country changed for Daylight Savings Time. I live in Arizona where we scoff at this tradition. However, my husband's work schedule has to change to match up with his callers' new schedule. He's getting up earlier, but also getting home earlier, so that's a silver lining.

OH! Yesterday, we went into Bookman's with trade credit burning a hole in our collective purse. The kiddo got 7 new Magic School Bus books to go on her already sagging shelves, he hubbins got a video game or two and I got 5 new (to me) Charlaine Harris books. I now have most of the Sookie Stackhouse books, muahahahahah. Yes, I think these books are crack. I heart them. And since I won't have any NEW HARRY DRESDEN *glares at Jim Butcher* until July, I've got to entertain myself somehow.

It's a busy little world here in my home. This weekend Sean and I will celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. (Even though we've been together for more than 6 years and have a child together, we waited for a bit to actually make it legal.) How are we celebrating? Well, funny you should ask. As a matter of fact, we're going to a wedding. Some dear friends of ours are tying the knot on Sunday and our daughter is one of the flower girls. Some people may want dinner or some extravagant date.... me? I can't think of a better way to celebrate the day we made this commitment than to witness good friends (one of whom signed our wedding certificate because she was there the day Sean and I became Sean and I back in 2005!)  do the same. And there's going to be yummy food and all of our friends. What more could a girl want?

So yeah... wedding anniversary this weekend... birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. I keep telling myself that 31 is the new 21 but, who are we kidding. I've got silver (SILVER!) in my hair and a bad back... I'm not 21 anymore. Next month another couple is getting married and with that ceremony comes a wave of out of town guests. I'm thrilled to be hosting my longtime friend Bri when I'm not the one trying to wrangle nuptials into being. (It's been a year, dammit, I miss him!) My alma mater, ISU is going to the NCAA tournament. GO TREES! Book is still on submission, getting feedback from betas on the novella, writing flash... yeah... this is my life right now.

Okay, bloggy time is over. Time to go play tic-tac-toe with a very insistent kidlet.