Aarr! Aye! And Other Vowels As Well!

There have been a lot of posts lately about piracy and theft of intellectual property. The whole Glee vs JoCo fiasco that raised the internet and our proverbial pitchforks... Chuck Wendig and other authors posting about what book piracy means for them specifically. Piracy is a thing. It happens with music, movies and now--with the advent of ereaders--books. And in light of my recent good news, this directly affects little old me.

So let's talk about this.

I come from a generation of mix-tapes and bootlegs, so there are some things that I feel are morally grey. You wouldn't have heard of Metallica or Dave Matthews Band without bootlegs getting passed from person to person. However, we don't live in the 80s where you had to wind tapes with pencils and wait with your hand on the record button for the radio to play the song to finish your masterpiece. (And then the DJ talked over half of it. Dick.) Anyway, I don't feel like downloading a song from a friend's hard drive makes me a criminal. At the same time, I borrow books (the kind printed on dead trees) from friends. I don't see either of these things as theft. Why? It's probably intent. If I like that book, I intend to go buy everything that author has written so that I don't have to borrow shit anymore. If I dig that track, I'm more inclined to buy more from that person.

That being said, there is a line. It's got more shades of grey around it than that one book, but the line is there. For me that line with books specifically is pretty clear. If I borrow (from a friend or a library) a print copy of a book and love it, I will buy the fuck out of that author's work. I will pimp them, loan out copies so that other friends can do the same. At some point in the food chain, money exchanges hands and goes to the author. Yay.

Ebooks aren't like that necessarily. Ebooks are easily pirated and that food chain cannot be guaranteed. I will not borrow ebooks. I pay for them. Be it Amazon or Kobo or the author's site, I buy the book.

And here's why I ask you to do the same for me.

Look, I'm a debut author. That means that Entangled/Covet is putting a bet on me that you and many many other people will buy my book and prove they made the right decision to sign me. If you pirate my book, yes, you take money from me and the publisher, but that's not my biggest beef. If you pirate my book, I might not get to write more. Piracy skews sales numbers and for a debut like me, that is the pudding in which my proof is divined. (Or something.) If my sales numbers are low, my publisher can look at me and say, "This has been fun, but you didn't do as well as we'd hoped. See ya!" Then those sales numbers follow me around for any future contracts I try to acquire. And so on and so on. If you want to see me write all these books I've been talking about...if you want them to have a shot, please. Please. Do not pirate my book.

Thank you.

Something Wicked...

.... wicked AWESOME that is.

You have no idea how long I've been wanting to write this blog post. I've kept it under wraps and now that ink is on paper and things are legal and binding I can finally--FINALLY--say some amazing magic words.

My debut novel has been picked up by a publisher.

That's right, guys, I've finally mastered that strange alchemy of turning words into an actual factual contractual deal with a purveyor of books.

Meet me below the jump for the details! (Cause I've been dying to tell you all about it!!!)

So, for those who don't know, my book TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES** (Book 1 in my Etudes in C# series) has been on submission to publishers since mid-June. This means that my agent--the fabulously stellar Jennie Goloboy--sends an email &our big ass proposal document to editors at various publishing houses. If they like the sound of my book from the proposal, they will ask to read the manuscript.

As I said, the book had been out to several different houses over the course of about 4 months with various degrees of success and failure (depending on how you measure both). Tuesday, November 27 I got word from Jennie that an editor was taking the book to the acquisitions board at her publisher. (As I'm sure you can guess from the title, an acquisitions board is in charge of acquiring new books. In other words: someone was interested in buying MY book.)

I spent that evening freaking out and full of anxiety and researching this publisher and talking myself out of it and basically turning myself into a ball of self-defeating tension. The next day I emailed Jennie with some of my concerns and we talked on the phone for a bit. (This is the part of agenting that I think requires the patience of a saint: putting up with my insecure ass when I'm hopped up on anxiety and caffeine.) She laid things out clearly, explaining some things that I hadn't quite understood from the email. Then she said, "By the way, she's calling me tomorrow to let me know if we have an offer."
We have just lost cabin pressure.
An offer? Soon? Like tomorrow? Oh sweet dear god! So, as you can imagine, I didn't sleep much on Wednesday (the 28th for those keeping score). I was up all night (again) with my brain doing backflips and inverting on itself and and and oh sweet lords of chai kill me for all the shit going through my brain! I woke up Thursday vibrating and messaged Jennie to tell her so. (She then told me to breathe and not have too much chai. How well she knows me.) She told me that she'd be calling later with the results of her conversation with the editor in question.
So, I went to the gym. And I puttered around the house. And I waited... and I checked my email. And I waited. And I looked at my phone... And innocent pixels died. Then it was time for me to go pick up my daughter from school."Alright," I said to my phone. "I'm leaving now. I'll be back in about 10 minutes. You know, in case anyone wanted to call. You could just...wait til I get back."
Wouldn't you know... the phone rang about a minute after I pulled out of the drive way.It was Jennie. She'd talked with the editor. We had an official offer.
We talked out all the details. I took notes. We both had a bit of a freakout because it was made of win. She had let all the other editors still reading the book know we had an offer and had given them a deadline as to when we needed decisions. Monday (December 3). By Monday we'd either move forward on this offer or have to possibly entertain others...but either way, Monday was going to be a big and decisive day.

Not much to do... other than celebrate!

I was all...

I was so freakin' happy and pumped full of mood altering hormones that I felt like I was going to vomit sparkling rainbows. So, I immediately hugged my husband. I sent a text message to my Attack Fish (my devoted Beta Readers who are epic amounts of amazing). I called my mother (yes, I do that). I called my father, but, he chose that particular week to be out of the freaking country bobbing around in an ocean, so this was the response I got from his voicemail:
I'm on a boat.
That night we had dinner plans with friends, so I took along a bottle of champagne to their house. When one of said friends saw the bottle she just looked at me and said, "Really?" I nodded because being a writer I like to show and not tell. There was rejoicing. And my friends were all like...
I got to spend the weekend waiting and pinching myself. "Yup, offer of a book deal is still real." FINALLY got to tell my father and some other friends. Spent Sunday burying myself in football and housework to avoid the fact that the clock was moving too slowly. Started practically vibrating again....And then Monday rolled around.... by the end of the day I had an email from Jennie telling me that Cat and Marius have found their home. Long story short (too late), we officially accepted the offer from Entangled Publishing. And I was all...

And I couldn't wait to tell the whole freakin' planet. I wanted to grab that guy at the gym and shake him like an 8 ball telling him, "DUDE! They're going to publish my book!!!" I wanted to buy everyone daisies and write it in the sky. I wanted to post far and wide my joyous squees... but I couldn't. Things weren't legal. Ink wasn't dry. Contracts still had to be negotiated and all that fun stuff.
Honestly, it took a while to sink in. A week later, when the vibrating stopped (or at least slowed down), I just sat down and the depth of it hit me. This is really happening. This is the real deal. Oh my fuck.It's taken some time, and I've developed tremendous restraint not to just blab this all over the Intertubez, but now... NOW!... I can finally squee out loud and fill you all in. Now I can tell you that my debut novel TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES** will be available as an ebook from Entangled Publishing.
We totally did it, guys. We got this far. We got to the part where the book gets published and you all can finally--FINALLY--read it!!! For real!I'm very excited to work with Entangled. They're enjoying a lot of successes right now and more good things are on the horizon for them. I'm very proud to be counted among their authors.So, as things get closer, we'll be pimping it and having all sorts of fun gearing up for the release. Until then, I've got some work to do, kittens.

HOLY SHIT!! :-D*bouncy happy squee*
**EDITED 16 September, 2013: This book has a new name! Henceforth it shall be called WILD CARD.