The Dork Side of the Moon

So let it be known that Christmas '09 did rock out hard core in such a way as to solidify it in history as the Best Christmas Evar! On Christmas Eve, my friend Becca, in from out of town, came over and met Lenora for the first time. I got to snuggle with Becca, Len and Nicki on my pouf for a bit (I love being me) while Jeff and Sean had male geekery. When Jeff and I took Becca home we stopped off at Jeremy & Alicia's to feed the cats. Whilst there we realized it was after midnight, we'd gone into their house and stolen cookies. So Jeff, being a large jolly type, left a gift card for them. I got to watch a friend become Santa.

When Jeff and I got back to my house, Lenora was in jammies and Sean was looking hobbitishly guilty. I noticed more presents under the tree. He'd gone against our idea to not gift eachother, just the kiddo. So, Jeff & Lenora crashed on the pouf, Sean and I went to bed for a not-so-long winter's nap. When Kiara woke up and came into our room, she snuggled up with me while Sean went to get the kitchen started.... Mom arrived shortly thereafter and the Christmas morning wonderment did begin.

I had a Blue Comfy Christmas.

The gifts I personally received included a blue fleece bathrobe, two pair of pj pants (one of them blue), a blue snuggie with peace signs over it and lots of Star Trek on DVD. (Science officers wear blue, yo!) Oh, and I got a reindeer dice bag. Yay geekery!

I must admit that with the above combination, I am slightly afraid... A fleece robe... a Snuggie... PJ pants... the pouf? What if I combine all of the above and create a black hole of comfy that sucks me in? As Twitter's @uppington said, I just can't add a purring cat or a warm beverage.

So, we turned on the Mythbusters marathon and began cooking. Ohana came over and my house was full of love. Merriment. Cloud. Freaking. Nine.

I have to say that I love our friends for the nifty stuff they got our daughter. Most 4 year old girls I know got Barbie/princessy things. Nope, Kiara got SCIENCE! She got a set of magnet thingies to make a Rube Goldberg device on our fridge (they're called Frigits and they are awesome!), a "dig your own dinosaur" kit, a solar system to hang in her room, model kits and a make your own rubber ball (chemistry!) kit among other things. Yay SCIENCE!

Now, how do I know that I am reading too much of Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy blog? Because while I was hanging Kiara's solar system this morning, I was doing everything I could (short of breaking out the slide rule) to make sure I got the planetary distances to an accurate scale. But wait! There's more! K has had a little planetarium kinda thing for a while. I wanted to project that into her room and then put up the glow in the dark stickers that came with her solar system in accordance with the patterns of constellations. Not a bad thought, but I immediately thought to myself,  "damn, I don't know where the planets are in relation to the constellations. that totally blows my accuracy!"

I am a dork.

But we knew that already.

So far today I have created a solar system, painted the pieces of a tall ship and attempted to excavate a stegosaurus.

Good times.

So New Years approaches, and normally I do a personal Year In Review kinda thing. But over the past few years, my YiR has gotten pretty sparse. And this year's review would consist of a lot of personal growth rather than events... and not all of that is for public consumption just yet.

So what will I do?

I will light shit on fire.

That's right. It's been more than 2 years since I spun fire and on New Year's Eve I will break out the fire poi, the torches and I will play with fire. I am pretty damn nervous, actually. I still have balance issues with my left foot after the back injury, so I don't guarantee that what I do will be a particularly graceful dance with my fire. I haven't eaten fire in a while, so that might be a dud... but that's not the point, is it? The point is that after two years in the dark I will once more commune with my element. And surrounded with my Ohana, no less.

Oh my my. Oh hell yes.

How have your holidays been?