The Show That Doesn't End

Annnd we're back. So October has been an interesting month filled with puffy eyes, sniffling, curling up in a fleece robe to stay away from the cold, cruel world. But, I guess that's normal when you're querying a novel.

I kid. Sort of.

I did start querying October 1st. (Lucky month, gotta roll some dice.) And there has been a lot of phlegm and sinus ick in this house. For most of the month, the husband and our Geekspawn have been trading colds and upgrading them. Last week, Sean caved and went to the doc. I know, I should've done it then, BUT, I am a stubborn one and thought I could kick the ick alone.  Well, when the kiddo added pink eye to her roster, I waved the white flag. We're all on antibiotics and after a major clean, I hope the sicky bugs leave this house for a while because damn, they overstayed their welcome.

But, who am I kidding. I have a child in kindergarten.

Speaking of my child, she is the luckiest damn kiddo ever. Today, she gets to take cupcakes to school to celebrate her birthday. Tomorrow, the school is celebrating Halloween, so she gets to go in costume and get more candy and watch movies and all that fun stuff. Tomorrow night, she has a special birthday dinner with her gramma, which, come on... Gramma time? Hello! Best time ever! Then Saturday is the kid's actual birthday complete with a fairy party in the park. THEN, Sunday she gets the joys of real Halloween.

Seriously, she gets 4 days of awesome, sugar and merriment.

So, between that and getting some heavy work done on the manuscript, it's been quite the busy hive. All while sick. And my husband wonders why I have a Superwoman complex? Heh, please.

Sadly, this means that the Chickaboom blog has suffered from a lack of content. Sorry to you, my one fan, but I'll get back to it when I can.

Ah, October. It has always been my favorite month. I'm from Indiana. The weather in October is superb! In the 6 years I've lived here in the desert, I miss Indiana the most in October. Seriously, it should not be 90 degrees on Halloween. It shouldn't even hit 80. In fact, there should be frost on my damn pumpkin. But, I digress. I moved to Arizona in October. My daughter was born in October. Now, I'm just trying to see how many times I can use October in this paragraph....

ah well, The point is, I freaking love this month. And it has been good to me this year. I'm always sad to see the good month come to a close.

November, what will you bring this year? I already know that I have much to be thankful for come that gluttonous Thursday. But what else will we do? And we're not making it to TUSCon (boo), so no meeting Jim Butcher.... BUT! Surely there is some epic wonder stashed under your puritan's hat.

Can't wait to see.