754148319 Don't adjust your monitor. I am alive and well. Shit has been crazy lately and I've been dealing with a lot. Thus, not much time for blogging. The biggest news, I suppose, is that I had a birthday this weekend. Saturday I celebrated 33 trips around the sun by gaming with my friends and consuming meat grilled over fire. By the end of the day we'd failed to save New York from both Magneto AND Doctor Doom and I'd inhaled enough second-hand smoke to sound like Denis Leary after a night out.  The important part, though, is that I got to see dear friends and spend my birthday surrounded by love and joy. And red velvet cupcakes.

I've been working on Book 3 in the Etudes in C# series. That's going rather well, actually. Can't tell you anything about it because major spoilers, duh, but it's good times with some of my favorite characters. And there's a scene with a trickster deity in a strip club. Fabu!  I sent Book 2 to my agent last month and am glad to hear that she enjoyed it. She sent some feedback my way that tells me I've almost got this puppy right where I want it. Fantastic! So I'll work on that when my betas are scouring Book 3 in a month or so. No rush on it. Book 1 is still waiting for its turn with editors and such at Entangled. That's about it on the writing front. OH! And I signed a contract for one of my short stories to appear in an upcoming anthology! More word on that when the publisher announces the Table of Contents.

What else what else...?

I've been dealing with some depression lately. It's not my normal brand, either. This is the "I'm going to be a snail, sit in my shell and mope all day" kinda thing. It doesn't sting like my typical bouts, it's subtle. So it kinda slipped in under my radar. I think I'm knocking its ass back out to the curb though. Part of the depression is the fact that I'm not happy in my body. I'm at my highest weight ever. Yes: I know that it's just a number on the scale. However, my clothes don't fit properly. I've got 2 weddings I'm going to be in and I'd rather not have dress shopping Hell to look forward to.  Over the past 6 months I've succeeded in uprooting a lot of the weeds in my head. Those voices that equate weight to worth, the ones that say beauty = skinny. Those voices that I've lived with since I was in first grade and first realized that I was bigger than every one else in both height and width. I've finally managed to find their roots, dig them up and get them out of my head. A whisper will creep up occasionally. It's a daily thing to make sure new seeds don't take root in my head, but I've cleaned up a lot of shit from my grey matter.

The mental is working. The physical needs help.

So, I'm making a fitness routine. I'm doing the Couch To 5k training. 3 days a week, roughly 30 minutes each for 8 weeks at the end of which (theoretically) I will be able to run an entire 5k. Now, let's bear in mind that I'm the kid who never ran laps in gym class because she almost died. I'm the one who would be turned into a zombie first because I wouldn't be able to outrun the shrieking hordes of the undead. Well, I don't want that to be the case any more. I've walked 5ks and I enjoy that. However, I need to step it up. I want to run.  Honestly, I was shocked when I ran for a minute straight without a problem. So yeah, I'm loving it thus far and know it's going to get harder. But I dig it. I found something that works for me: my Kindle Fire. I take it with me to the gym loaded with the C25k app and Netflix. The app tells me when to run and when to walk while I watch my favorite shows or movies. I barely realize that I've been on the treadmill for an hour when all is said and done.

I'm also trying to eat healthier... more fruits and veggies, fewer carbs (I'm a carbivore) and cutting back on tea, chai and chocolate. I haven't had tea in ... 2 weeks now, I think. I know, right? Didn't have chai at all last week either. (Don't faint.) Chocolate... well, I had a birthday, yo. And I have an addiction. I limit myself, though, to 1 single piece of Dove dark chocolate per day. If that. 

Anyway, enough about me and my slovenly self.  Besides, I've got a book to work on.

How the hell have you been?