UNVEILED Cover Art Reveal!

Today's the day, my doves! I come to you with the cover for the second book in the Etudes in C# series: UNVEILED. To celebrate the cover reveal I am answering your questions about WILD CARD and UNVEILED (within reason, no spoilers, sweetie) on Goodreads ALL WEEK! Before I show you the glorious work, I need to tell you how much of a joy it was to work with Nathalia Suellen. Hers has been the master hand that created some of my favorite book covers. I find her work to be strikingly beautiful, evocative and downright tasty. When we started work, she asked for images I've used as inspiration and I sent her these:



Allison Scagliotti, Warehouse 13

Allison Scagliotti, Warehouse 13

Virginia Hankins, model



And she went through several models for Cat Sharp, sending me ideas and asking what I liked about which ladies, poses, facial expressions. We settled on a model a couple of weeks ago and now, here is the finished product.


Art by Nathalia Suellen. Click to embiggen.


Art sans text. Proper colors.

I couldn't be happier with the work she did. She took the colors I loved about the ice cave photos, and captured Cat Sharp's hard edge. And that hair! GAH! SO FUCKING AWESOME! I adore this cover. And it's mine! Muahahaha!

As for the print edition, the back cover is finished. I've written the copy, but I'm still waiting on a few last minute touches for that bit of things. (Also, the file of it is too big to post at present, so you get the front hotness.)

Still, this is almost ready. Editing is done. The cover is done. I've purchased the necessary ISBN, LCCN and barcodes. There's a Goodreads page. Right now, I'm working with CreateSpace on the interior layout and design. When that's finished, it will be time to print and ship. I'm also looking for book bloggers who wish to review UNVEILED for their sites. Any takers? ;)

We're on target to be released NOVEMBER 18, 2014. Soon, friends. Soooooon!