Welcome Home, Little Albatross

So as you may know from my last post, I recently said good bye to my beloved car of 14+ years, Keoki. Well, our family needs the second car and I need a set of wheels or I will go batshit insane. So after a week of looking around at cars, I bought a new-to-me ride. The first picture I saw of her, I immediately thought of Serenity from Joss Whedon's short-lived television show Firefly. Just something about her reminds me of that hunk of metal that just don't quit flyin', no matter what the Verse may throw at her. But, I wanted to meet the car first before jumping into a name or label or anything.

Yesterday, when I first bought her, she was really tight-lipped. Like she was scared or something. The vibe I got was of someone sitting across the room in a corner all huddled up and not wanting to talk. But there is a spirit there. This car has a personality, she's just not up for sharing at the moment. Okay, I can deal with that. A hunk of lifeless metal? Probably not for me.  ("But Jamie!" you scream. "That's precisely what a car is!" No, and I'll explain that later.)

The car itself is in decent shape. She's a 2000 VW Beetle. She's got some scuffs, dings and scratches, but nothing major. She's clean, runs well and is mechanically sound. (Although I question the former owner's choice of air freshener. Ick. Fixed that this morning.)

So I took care of the title and registration, took the girl home and let her sit in my driveway. Gradually she began to show me bits of who she is. Everything kept coming back to Firefly references. But she's not a Kaylee. Not a Zoey, either. Definitely not an Inara (although the car does resemble one of the shuttles).  It clicked, though...

She's quiet. A little broken. And she's the new pilot for me after my Hawaiian-shirt wearing Keoki bit it in a tragic death.  Pretty obvious, huh?

Meet my new car: River.


Taken by previous owner. Before I made her *mine*.


And for those who don't know why I treat my cars like people (because they have spirits, dammit)... watch this scene from Serenity where Captain Reynolds tells River Tam about the first rule of flying.

So yeah. Here's to many years with River at the helm.

OH! And for those who might be wondering... yes. I have seen the THOR 2 trailer and yes, I am happy.

Take care, y'all. More later.