Welcome To Earth

So I was writing a rant earlier today when I got word that a beloved friend of mine went to the hospital with high blood pressure and possible complications with her pregnancy. Then I found out that her baby was coming via C-section 6 weeks earlier than anticipated. This is what I wrote when I was going crazy wondering what was happening during surgery. An Open Letter to the Tiny Human Known as Stormageddon, Lemmers, Lemmy and otherwise You,

tumblr_lttd3fMKg41qbxqbpHi there. I'm Jamie, I'm a friend of your mom and dad's. I adore you as much as I love them. You are already family even though we've never met. You might remember me from a few rubs on the outside of your tummy-home and such coos as, "I can't wait to meet you, Lemmy." And right now, that is all I can think of. You see, right at this moment you're coming into the world. We weren't expecting you for another few weeks, but, hey...this is your first lesson: Nothing goes to plan. Ever. (Even when you think it does, it's not really. You're just stumbling along luckily for a while. But I digress.)

You, my dear, have decided to join us early. I get that. I did the same thing. I insisted that I get this party started  6 weeks earlier than expected (just like you) and it was among the better decisions I've made. Who can blame you?

There is so much to experience in this crazy world of ours. So much to do and see and touch and smell and eat and be.... This place, this ride we call life. It's amazing. At first, it might seem overwhelming, but if you're anything like your parents you'll catch on quickly.

The first of many joys you'll experience is snuggling. Oh, dear one, snuggles are awesome. That blanket and warm skin, the gentle rhythm of breathing and all the bliss it brings: this is one of the most important experiences in life. To be held and loved. And you are. Your folks are crazy about you already. A lot of us are. (And you've got a cat friend waiting for you, too.)

CATS! That's something else to enjoy. They're hilarious creatures. Very cute and soft and cuddly. Word of warning, though: They have six ends and five are pointy. Just sayin'.

1000440_10151642203859812_63186385_nThere's music! Oh there's such a wealth of music here! Lullabyes and love songs, tunes that make you sway with the wind or others that get you off your bum and make you dance dance dance.

As you grow older you'll find all sorts of things about this world that make it special. Friends, colors, stars, animals, clay, bubbles, smells, food, campfires, s'mores, laughter (your dad's is especially weird, just so you know)...it's all so awesome, kid. No matter what anyone else tries to tell you, this world is full of magic and wonder. There is love and laughter here. There are stories and dreams and silly hats. This place, this thing called LIFE is where it's at.

You've got so much to do and see. So many things are going to happen to you during your stay here. Not all of it will be pretty or nice, it's true. But you get up and keep going because there is beauty here in the world. Because you've got a family that loves you and will never let you down.

And I want you to know that I will be here for all of it. (Well, I mean, not ALL of it. Your diapers are between you and your folks. Most of 'em. I'll catch a couple if I'm babysitting. We'll talk.) You are family to me, little Lemmy, and I can't wait to meet you. You and I are going to have some fun with this life. When you're old enough, if you want to learn, I'll teach you about rhythm. I'll show you how to play your soul into drums and how to spin light with poi. I'll dance and be silly with you. I'll sneak candy or presents to you. We'll go to movies and read books.

48026_317307705062081_1855955595_nDude...you are just starting on the greatest of adventures. I'm thrilled for you. I'm excited to meet you.

I know that it's going to take some time for you to get settled and such, so I'll be on my way and leave you to that important snuggle time with your mom and dad. Go easy on them. And your sister, too.  I'll see you soon.

Welcome to the world, Bridgette Claire.