Where To Start?

It's the first day of school! My daughter K went off to first grade today. With a very quiet house, I now have the mental capacity to sit down and hear my own thoughts. Kinda eerie.So, I know I haven't posted much here in a couple of weeks. Here's why. LIFE. As I said, my kiddo started school. I wanted to make our last week of summer vacation cool and full of "Just-us-Time". The Interwebz take a back seat to the munchkin. Ergo - no bloggery from the Wahine for a while. What else is going on in the world of me? Back in the query saddle again. I've been firing off missives to interesting agents for the past few weeks. Rejections aren't piling up, but the day isn't over yet. *wink* Still waiting to hear back on a few submissions that are out there. Onward and ever upward...and all that jazz.

Grandma is doing okay. As you may know, late last month we thought that Grandma wouldn't be with us for much longer. Thanks to some family donations and a lot of help from friends, I was able to hope a plane and spend most of a week in Indiana. I spent a lot of precious time with Grandma. She is doing a bit better when last I heard. She is staying at her own place. Still has these odd spells, though, where she feels faint and shakes and hurts all over. The doctor thinks he may know what's going on, so we'll see what happens.

Speaking of Indiana.... you probably heard/saw the news about the stage collapsing at the Indiana State Fair. When I heard about it, I freaked out a bit. It's my old stomping ground. Most of my family and several friends still live in the Hoosier state and some of them have the misfortune of being fans of country music. Some of them were at the Sugarland concert. As far as I know, no one I know was physically harmed at the accident. However, a guy I used to drum with in college was there and ended up being part of the recovery before emergency crews got there. He helped pull rubble off of a woman's body...and now he's dealing with the sucky part of being a hero - trying to unsee certain things. So yeah, even though the incident itself is over and in clean up...please keep people like my friend in your thoughts.

I have to say that it's been rough not writing fiction for the past six weeks or so. Having K home just made that really difficult. Now that she's at school and I have time to devote to fiction, I'm overwhelmed with ideas. I've got a few shorts that I started back in June that need some attention. I want to edit some of the work I've done and submit that to a couple of magazines... and I've got novels I want to get to work on.  Time to crank up Pandora and get to work.

What about you? What's going on in your world?