UPDATE: Where's Wyman? - CONvergence Edition

tumblr_mi4pvvD1yF1qihx7io1_400So, literally as I posted the previous entry about my Phoenix Comic Con schedule, my email brought me the glory of my CONvergence schedule. It's short, sweet but to the point. Here ya go, gang!

  • Reinventing Shakespeare - Thursday July 2, 12:30pm-1:30pm -Why do Shakespeare’s works make such strong foundations for reinvention in speculative fiction? Is it the ghosts and supernatural elements, or the strong characterisation and conflict? And are some works better suited to adaption than others? Panelists: Jamie Wyman, craig cormick, Ruth Berman, John Heimbuch, Anne Lyle
  • Writing Established Universes - Thursday July 2, 3:30pm - 4:30pm - What are the challenges to writing a new story or an old story in a new medium, such as a screenplay based on a comic or the latest in a popular series? Where do you stay true and where can you change or add something new? Panelists: Sarah Prentice, Scott Pearson, Jamie Wyman, Charlotte Fullerton, Jason Glaser

If I'm not at the above places, I will be around the con in general. Say hi to the pink-haired lady!

UPDATE: Note that the Shakespeare panel was originally scheduled for Sunday and has been moved.

Also? WE'RE GAMING AT THE SOURCE! Yup. There's going to be an epic throwdown of authors playing games. (And we'll sign/sell stuff, too.) Come join myself, Tex Thompson, Mike Underwood, Carrie Patel and more for what is sure to be a night of shennanigans, Thursday July 2nd at 7pm. Full info here.

UPDATE JULY 2: Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will not be at this event. I'm very sorry.