Why I Love My Kid Reason 5,430,203

So Kiara loves bugs. She has no aversions or fears of them. She goes outside specifically to find different kinds of bugs. She knows that some are dangerous and generally knows which ones to avoid (e.g. scorpions, black widows etc). So today we're out on a walk and she stops to look at a bee on the ground. No problem, just wants to watch it crawl on the ground. So a bit later she sees some bees at flowers and says, "Mommy, they're pollinating those flowers!" I told her she was right and she told me all about pollination. A few minutes later a bee flew into my arm, bounced off of me and landed on Kiara (who was wearing a flowery shirt, I might add).

The fearless wonder that she is, the kid that walked around the house with a gnat on her arm telling everyone how beautiful it was, my dearling daughter then proceeded to jump, squeal like a little girl and run around yelling that there was a bee on her.

It flew away.

"Mommy! There was a BEE on me!" "It's okay," I said, "it flew away. No big deal, sweetie." "But! It was getting ready to sting me!" "No, hon, it was looking at the flowers on your shirt. It though you were a flower." "I am not a flower!" "I know that, but the bee didn't." "Mommy, the bee pollinated me!!!!"

So we continue walking and she just gets this little surly look on her face. Then yells to the neighbourhood: I AM NOT A FLOWER!!

Teeehehehehehe I love my kid.