WILD CARD Blog Tour!

We're getting closer and closer to release day, kids. We're officially 10 DAYS away from WILD CARD hitting the ethereal shelves. I'm so freaking stoked! I'm going to celebrate this with some countdown posts next week.  Stay tuned, it's gonna be fun!

Also,  I'm pleased as Hawaiian punch to announce the details of my upcoming blog tour. I'll be visiting a bunch of corners of the Interwebz and talking about satyrs, writing, and--of course--WILD CARD!  Below you'll find all the links to the various blogs. Special thanks to Sizzling PR and the good people lending me space at their blogs.

Wild Card - Jamie Wyman - Banner (1)

11/26:  Guest blog - Romantic Reads and Such
11/26:  Spotlight - Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
11/27:  Interview - Lusty Penguin Reviews
11/28:  Interview - A Passion for Romance
11/29:  Guest Blog - Bea's Book Nook
12/3:  Interview - You Gotta Read Reviews
12/4:  Spotlight - In Shadows
12/5:  Spotlight - Becky on Books 
12/6:  Spotlight - Melissa Stevens
12/9:  Interview - Books-n-Kisses
12/10:  Spotlight - Must Read Faster
12/11:  Spotlight - Book Reviews and More by Kathy
12/12:  Interview - Diane’s Book Blog
12/12:  Spotlight - Snifferwalk Books
12/13:  Spotlight - My Erotic Notions
12/13:  Spotlight - Books to Get Lost In
On top of all of that, I'm thrilled that I'll be over at Terrible Minds with Chuck Wendig next Thursday for a round of 10 Questions. *happy dance*
There's going to be a metric fuckton of stuff going on in the next few weeks. So stay tuned. We're going to have a blast!