Ye Olde Eligibility Post

So, it's 2014 and we're tallying up all the works from the previous year and preparing to shower the best with awards. It's at this time that I would like to thank the Academy--- wait, that comes later... Here is a brief list of my 2013 award-eligible work:

"The Clever One", short story featured in WHEN THE HERO COMES HOME 2 (Dragon Moon Press, August 2013).  Fantasy.

WILD CARD (Entangled Edge, November 2013), urban fantasy/paranormal romance/sci-fi categories, as well as debut novel.

Yeah, I kinda suck at this self-promotion thingy. But if any of you are SFWA members and feel generous enough to nominate either of these works for Hugos, Nebula Awards or conversation by the water cooler, you have my sincerest thanks.