Art by Nathalia Suellen. Click to embiggen. It's here! UNVEILED is officially a real book and in the world for EVERYONE to enjoy! And that happened because of viewers like you! Seriously, we wouldn't be doing this happy dance today without the kindness, support and backing of you amazing people. Even those of you who couldn't donate to the Kickstarter campaign, but who spread the word for it, or pimped links or hugged me. YOU HELPED MAKE TODAY HAPPEN!

I cannot say thank you enough to convey my gratitude. I don't know that I can in my entire lifetime. This means so much to me, gang.

Cat Sharp got her book 2. (And if the buzz is any indication, fans want a Book 3. I'm more than happy to oblige.)

So, today please pat yourselves on the back because you helped this artist make something happen. You helped a story live.

Time to make her thrive.

Please consider leaving reviews on Goodreads and Amazon or your site of choice. Please spread links or point your friends in my direction if they're thirsty for a new book.

This book is available in digital media on iTunes, Kobo, Nook, Kindle and more. You can buy print copies online via Amazon, CreateSpace and more. Phoenix locals, you can buy print copies of the book at Changing Hands (Tempe) and Zia's Record Exchange. Also, if you're in Las Vegas, hit up Zia's, there, too! You should find Cat on the shelves. I'm still working on other locations. Hell, if you are not local, but want a signed print copy, contact Changing Hands and we will make that happen. (If you want a print copy but don't care where you get it, please consider Changing Hands as my personal choice. You help an indie store AND me at the same time.)

Tomorrow I'll be doing an all day Q&A over at BittenByBooks. Don't forget, the launch event December 8, 7pm at Changing Hands!


So yeah... thank you. I don't know what more I can say about the day my second novel launches into the world propelled by so much love and kindness.

Thank you.