Phoenix comic Con

PHXCC15: A Summary of Awesome

What can you say about a Con that rocked? More than a few words, that's for damn sure.  photo by Richard Shealy

So last week was Phoenix Comic Con. I love PHXCC, and not just because it's a good show--which it is. PHXCC is my home show. Not only is it where I live, but a lot of the volunteers and congoers are personal friends. So when I see people I respect from my professional life flying in to hang out at this show, I feel like a very proud hostess. Check out my city, my people, and let us hang out for 4 straight days of geekery. (Unfortunately, it's hot as balls, so you get that part of my city, too. Sorry 'bout that.)

I had a very active, very productive and flat out FUN convention, so let's break it down.


My family and I checked in late in the afternoon. Registration seemed to have their collective shit together (for the most part), however, it did bother me to see people practically sitting on their thumbs just staring at lines get bigger. We did a quick pass through the exhibitor hall's back corner to see the Mysterious Galaxy booth well-stocked with all manner of books (including WILD CARD and UNVEILED) that I wanted to take home with me, and to visit the amazing Emma Lysyk at her booth.

1170696_700451369969257_2041886979_nThat evening I had the pleasure of being on a Books and Authors kickoff panel with about 10 other Arizona authors including Yvonne Navarro, Weston Ochse, Aprilynne Pike, James A Owen, Austin Aslan and Amy K Nichols. I've met and spoken with Austin and Amy before, so it was a treat to see familiar faces. Also lots of fun getting to meet Yvonne and her husband Weston in person finally. Aprilynne started off by telling everyone she writes "fantasy and kissing" and it just snowballed from there. Next thing you know, Weston is touting his books as "military sci-fi and kissing". From there it just got loopy.

After that panel, I went to the Phoenix gastropub of the gods, The Taco Guild, to meet up with a metric fuckton of authors. The place was packed with penmonkeys of one stripe or another. Finally got to meet copyeditor Richard Shealy, reconnect with Stephen Blackmoore, Chuck Wendig and Leanna Renee Heiber.

Probably the most special part of the evening, though, was sharing it with my 9 yr old daughter. I was pointing out people to her to put faces with the names she's seen on my bookshelf.

"That's Cherie Priest," I said. "Oh! BONESHAKER. "And that's Chuck Wendig." "Blackbirds, right?" "Yup. Now you see that guy? That's Paul Cornell." She scrunched up her face. "I don't know what book he wrote." "Remember the episode of Doctor Who where 9 and Rose go back and she saves her dad... Father's Day?" "Yeah." "That guy is the reason that episode made you cry." Her eyes got huge. "Shall we go talk to him?" She just shook her head and hid.

Later in the evening, Mr. Cornell had a moment free and I pounced to thank him for his great stories. I mentioned that my daughter was being particularly shy. His eyes lit up, "Can I go say hi to her?"

That was awesome. He went over to where she was sitting, spoke with her for a few moments, but she was rather starstruck. My husband and I geeked with him about his books for a bit before Paul went off into the throng again. If you have the chance to meet Paul, I highly recommend it. He's a very sweet gentleman. (And he'll be at CONvergence, too. Hint hint.)


Random cosplayer. Puppet from FNAF. My daughter digs it, so I had to get a pic.

Day 2 of PHXCC began with a panel given by local author Eric Tozzi about adapting screenplays into novels and vice versa. It was very informative and Eric was a pretty cool guy. I'm interested in picking up his sci-fi novel THE SCOUT.

Afterwards I skeedaddled to a panel I sat on about Writers' Block with Andrea Phillips, Melissa Marr, Max Gladstone and David Lee Summers. The five of us talked with the audience about how we approach blocks and writing in general. It was a treat to hear that each of us have such varied styles and processes with what is essentially the same job.

Max, Melissa and I then boogied down to the exhibitor hall for a signing with Bennett Coles, ML Brennan and Wes Chu. Connected with some readers, talked with each other... but being down in the exhibitor hall is in and of itself a trip. There was a guy playing geek themes on an accordion, another gentleman walking around with a live macaw on his shoulder, one guys had a Darth Vader helmet with an Iron Man face and Mickey Mouse ears. And a small child who called me Pinkie Pie. (*glee*) Weirdest thing? Someone pointed to me and said, "OH! That's Jamie Wyman!" *shudder* Still feel like that means I've done something wrong and will get hauled off to the principal's office. Does that ever change?

Lunch with Melissa and Aprilynne... hang time and dinner with family and local friends.


I spent the morning roaming the halls like an uncaffeinated, pink-tressed IMG_0805specter before hitting the First Page Critique. Ann Leckie, James A Owen, Tom Leveen and myself sat and listened as about 10 authors read their first pages for us to critique. This was pretty damn awesome, really. Everyone in that room was a badass for even showing up. One girl was probably 15 or 16, and while she didn't get time to read, she was visibly terrified AND STAYED. (I'd seriously liked to have heard what she had written.)

That panel was interesting not just to hear what others have written, but to share opinions with the rest of the panelists. Sometimes we'd all agree, sometimes we'd discuss a piece for a little longer than the time allotted because there was so much to dissect. Very good panel for the brain matter. (And it even helped me figure out what's wrong with one of the stories I'm wrestling with at present. Thanks, gang!)

IF YOU CAME TO THIS PANEL AND HAD YOUR WORK CRITIQUED: Please connect with me on Facebook or Twitter. I can't promise to look at your work further, but I'd love to talk to you more. Especially you, young Ravenclaw in the second row!

Had another signing after that with Chuck Wendig, Stephen Blackmoore, Naomi Novik and Max Gladstone. Then we intrepid authors traipsed to the Sheraton for a Drinks with Authors event. Books were given away, conversations had, and livers destroyed. I was pleased to see many people from the earlier critique session come up and talk more about their works.

When they kicked us out of that ballroom for a Red Wedding event, a lot of us just went down to the hotel bar to continue the shennanigating. (It's a word.) Some goodbyes had to be said then as some folks were getting up early to head home on Sunday, but many were the slightly inebriated huggings. I knew it was time for me to leave when the following exchange occurred:

Random lady to friend with a pink wig: *points at me* Hey! She has the same hair color as you! Me: Isn't it embarrassing when two women show up to a party wearing the same tresses?


Fourth day of Con... that point where you're tired, loopy and running on little more than the last ergs of a high that can only be maintained with caffeine.

Weston Ochse, Yvonne Navarro, Bennett Coles, Kelley Armstrong and I started our day with a panel that was allegedly about Outside Influences. However, everyone in that room was more than happy to diverge into a free-for-all of conversation with the audience about any number of topics. We learned that Weston needs to produce t-shirts that say, "It's Billy Picket Time", and that when you've got a group of tired authors, wackiness WILL ensue.

photo by Amy K Nichols

Now, I was going to go get lunch, but I saw a friend pop into a panel about Social Media with Kevin Hearne, Chuck Wendig, Sam Sykes and Myke Cole. Knowing that I've got more I could learn about social media, I thought, "Hey, I'll munch on some trail mix and stuff while I learn something! Cool!"

Well, I sat down in the crowd while the panelists were in pre-panel mode and they mentioned that Delilah Dawson was supposed to be on the panel, but couldn't make it due to her travel plans. The guys were apologizing that they were four white guys and that the panel had a distinct lack of diversity when I heard Chuck say, "Wait, Jamie's here. Let's get her on the panel."

There went my lunch. (My husband later gave me a side-eye when I told him I'd skipped said meal.) But it was so fun. I was the only one on the panel without a beard, so I made a bit of a pink beard for myself.

beard social media panel phxcc15


Radagast the Pink. That's what they call me. Fear my power and sleigh pulled by indignant cats.

Seriously, very special thanks to Myke, Sam, Chuck and Kevin for including me at all, but for also being welcoming panelists who didn't then just treat me like the token girl on the panel. Good times paneling with you.

Photo by Kristi Bledsoe

After that, I stayed put for the Mythology panel with Kevin, Greg Van Eekout, Melissa Marr and Austin Aslan. At this point, I feel I should apologize. I was exhausted and my blood sugar was plummeting, so I stopped being able to word well. There were some great conversations, though, about cultural appropriation, privilege. We could've talked for hours about such a broad spectrum as "mythology", but we only had the hour.

I called my con done shortly after that and headed to a friend's house for a home-cooked meal. Ended up crashing early. Good thing I had a guard puppy.

"Wake the tired writer and I shoot lasers." - Darla


Cons are always interesting to me. They're where I really feel like an author, not just some struggling scribe. I get to talk to others like me, see the people who have the kinds of careers I aspire to and get better ideas of how to improve what I do and how I do it. At the same time, it's easy to feel hilariously outclassed and small in the presence of creators like Paul Cornell, Cherie Priest and Ann Leckie. We spend 4 days geeking, sharing, drinking, talking, making connections... and at the end of it we're exhausted, but hopefully we've all taken something more than a business card or two.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Paul and Wes at CONvergence next month, and hope to keep building ties with some of the local authors I connected with this weekend.

If you were there, SAY HI! And now? I'm going to have some chai and fall down. And write. I've got stories to finish.




Fantastic Pajamazons and Where To Find Them

anigif_enhanced-buzz-10113-1385611288-2Greetings, Programs! It's convention season and I'm stoked as hell for Phoenix Comic Con and CONvergence. If you come to one of these shows we can see one another and hang out and have chai and and and! IT WILL BE SO AWESOME, my minions. AWESOME I TELL YOU! So, I've got my Phoenix Comic Con schedule! It goes a little something like this:

At any given time that isn't these I will be gallivanting around the convention spreading pink-haired joy and silliness to all who want free hugs, movie quotes and pick pocketing. I mean, um... forget that last one. *Jedi fingers*

For those who've asked:

YES, there will be copies of WILD CARD and UNVEILED available at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore on site at the convention, however, those copies will be extremely limited in number. You can order them online right now and bring them to the con and I'll sign them, or you can hope you get one before they sell out. (Because when they sell out I won't be able to magic some into being until well after the convention is over and we'll all be sad pandas that you don't have a signed copy. No sad pandas!)

I'm told that there will be some copies of the anthologies I appear in, but again, I can't guarantee much stock there.

Also, through June 1, if you buy the paperback of WILD CARD, the re-release ebook is free on Amazon.

So yeah... Phoenix Comic Con is going to be awesome. Hopefully I'll have a schedule for CONvergence soon, too.

Me, Waldo & Carmen SanDiego

tumblr_m0uzowFnnP1qca78uo1_250Hey-lo and happy Friday, kids. Hope your week was as badass as you are. Wanted to clue you in to a couple of things that are going on around House Pajamazon. Pretty much, this post is letting you know where you can find me. First, it was announced yesterday that I will be a guest at Phoenix Comic Con. Panels are still being scheduled, but I will be there. I will not have a table with swag this year, though. I'm hoping to get my books on sale through Mysterious Galaxy at the con itself. If that doesn't happen, I'll try to find another way to make my self-published works available to you--the con-goer--so that you can get stuff signed.

Also, I will be attending CONvergence in Bloomington, MN July 2-5. Again, panels are TBD and I won't have a table. But I'm really looking forward to participating in this con. Can't wait to finally meet some of you!

These are currently my only appearances for the year. Something else might come up, but at present the budget only allows for so much. I hope you can make it to one of these events, say hi and get free hugs.

Keep your eyes peeled for a few other announcements on the site soon. I've been keeping a couple of secrets (and I hate keeping secrets) since DECEMBER! and I finally get to announce in the next couple of weeks. Watch this space.

**Also, God bless the good people at Phoenix Comic Con. Thanks to their alphabetting, I am--on the guests page--on top of Jason Momoa.