Wow, a lot has happened this month. Some good, some less than stellar. So let's get to it. 

First off, the good. My agent Jennie Goloboy has left Red Sofa Literary and now works for Donald Maass Literary Agency. I'm thrilled beyond words for her, and look forward to working with her and the DMLA team in the future. 

Second.. as some of you are aware, I freelance for Cracked. Recently, they fired their core writing and editorial staff. Their finest writers--people like DOB, Cody Johnston, Carmen Angelica, Katie Willert, Josh Sargeant and Katie Stohl--have been let go. If you've enjoyed any of the video content for the past 5 years, you've enjoyed the work of the above people. After Hours, Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder, editorial commentary and the more recent Some News (which offered scathing deep dives into the current political administration) were all spearheaded by the above people. And now they're gone. While Cracked insists that freelancers are "safe" and should continue to submit, it's become a less-viable option for me over the past few months. 

Also, I will not be a guest at Phoenix Comicon this year. The less said about that, the better. 

There have also been a lot of other upheavals in the publishing community. Ebook service Pronoun has gone the way of 8-track tapes, thus leaving several self-publishers and indie houses utterly screwed. Avenues I used for my editorial income have dried up because of this, or will in the very near future. Createspace is changing how it does business, which will affect how readers can get my print books. There's talk that Createspace might not be here at all this time next year. 

And the big one: Patreon. So for those who don't know, last week the crowd-funding/internet tip jar Patreon changed their payment fee structure. Up to this point, a subscriber pays their flat amount, and any fees come off that amount before going to the creator. Patreon has no decided to add additional fees to the subscriber. While they say this is to make sure more of the money goes to the creator, number crunching and other communications from Patreon say this is not the case. 

I feel this is a bait-and-switch on my patrons. Those who've supported me there for the past couple of years have done so knowing that a certain amount of money will come out of their account once per month and some of that will go to me. This new structure is not what they signed on for. Furthermore, the new model will have a huge affect on patrons who pledge small amounts, which is a huge portion of not only my income, but the incomes of several of the creators using Patreon. 

It is becoming apparent that their new model seeks to starve out the low-performing creators and those with smaller donations. The taxes take more out of a $1 donation, for example, than a $10 pledge. And Patreon even said flat out that this model will "weed out" those who are making nickel and dime amounts, favoring those who have "life-changing" success on this site. They feel that pages like mine are "uninspiring" and thus not good for the overall model of business.

I will not stay where I'm not wanted and I will not let them fuck with my people.

I'm not happy about this. Patreon has allowed me to pay for medications and doctors' visits out of my own pocket rather than taking from my family's funds. It has given me a small amount of independence in that regard, and I'm so grateful to those who've supported me there. However, I will not be part of this fuckery. 

So, this page will be closed down and I will cancel my dealings with this "service".

If you still want to support me, I have set up a Ko-Fi account. It does not have the monthly subscription feel/ease of Patreon, however, it is  the best substitute I've found thus far. I would like to eventually use Kickstarter Drip, but that is not now, and if I update the service I use, I will post it here and to Ko-Fi.

Because I also want you to have options, if you're not interested in another password or website, but you still want to support my work, you can PayPal me: jamie.l.wyman at gmail dot com.

I will be closing my Patreon account Friday December 15.

I'll be honest. With everything going on in the world, with the changing circumstances in publishing and my immediate sphere... I'm scared. I know we'll figure it out, but damn, it cranks up the anxiety.

Anyway, I love you guys. Thank you for everything you've done. It means the world to me.



The Nazis carrying torches and confederate flags don't speak for me. Nor do the politicians crying out for unity when they not only benefited from but directly incited division. We may share skin pigmentation or citizenship, but they do not speak for me. We are none of us equal until we are ALL equal. We are one race: human. Our diversity is a strength, a feature not a bug.

CLOSING SOON: Please Make A Note Of It

This is just a note that as of September 1, 2017, I will be on hiatus from editorial work. I want to focus on my own work for a while, but will re-open to client submissions in 2018.  I have room in my schedule for the end of this month and August. Any work started before September 1 will be finished in contracted time periods. 

To learn more about my editorial services, or to contact me and get on the schedule, check out this page

Three Years Later

UNINVITED is finally here! I've been waiting for today for 3 years, guys! Three. Years! And it's today! You can finally read this book I'm so proud of!

You can buy paperbacks via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Createspace. Digital copies are available on my website, Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Kobo and more. (The audio books for books 2 and 3 will be late, and I'm sorry.) 

Thank you all so much for your support!

Share this good news with friends. Also, in celebration, Wild Card and Unveiled (books 1 and 2 of the series) are on sale for just 99 cents each on my website. And, if you go to All Things Urban Fantasy, there's a contest to win digital copies of all the books. So check it out and help me make this book soar! <3