Midterm Victories

Midterm Victories

For those of you feeling discouraged, or lamenting that it didn't look like a Blue Wave, pause a moment. Breathe. We didn't win (or haven't yet concluded) the "sexy" races. O'Rourke/Cruz, Kemp/Abrams, DeSantis/Gillum... but so many good things happened last night. Look at these victories. Let this be confirmation that your work mattered, and your vote mattered. Your vote still matters. Change is happening. Keep up the amazing work, y'all.

Pokemon Go Will Save The World

Pokemon Go Will Save The World

Let's get real here, gang, the world looks like shit. Girl has runs in her stockings, her makeup's a hot mess and that hair is fried. Between the terrorist attacks around the world, Brexit, the American election, the tensions between police and citizens.... just what? What is there left? Celebrity gossip? I just don't think this Swift girl is good for my Thomas, and that's all I can stand. 

Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are

No, I'm not going all Mufasa on you. Okay, actually, maybe I am. So some crazy shit went down in Paris, France this weekend. And in Beirut, Lebanon. Suicide bombings, senseless violence. Murder. Death. As we've seen when tragedy strikes--be it hurricanes, terrorists or other disasters--these things can bring out the best of us. People coming out of retirement to be volunteer first responders. Cab drivers giving Parisians a free ride home. Hashtags or social media sites that help victims. Tips on how to deal with tear gas shared to people in Ferguson from people in Egypt.

Gear Shift

Think about this. You walk into work and tell your boss, "I'm not going to do my work because the guy in the next cube over is an idiot."

How would your employer respond? Probably would sit you down for a disciplinary meeting at the least, right?

So the next day, you persist and tell your boss, "Not only am I not going to do my job, I'm going to sit behind the idiot in the cube next to me and fuck with him so he can't do his job either."

Then what happens to you? Possibly another write-up depending on your employer's code of conduct on the matter, but that's not likely.

After that what would happen if you started going to work and stealing your co-workers' materials? What if you started taking out ads in local media to run your employer's name into the ground?

If you or I undermined our co-worker(s), sabotaged everything they were trying to do and ground the whole of our employer's business to a halt, we''d be on our asses. (And rightfully so.) No benefits. No severance. No pay. Nothing.

You'd be fired.

So why are our senators/congresspeople enjoying every comfort imaginable while being petty little bitches trying to sabotage the country because of their personal feelings about the President?