Hey, I’ll be having hand surgery in October 2019 and will remain CLOSED to new clients and submissions indefinitely. I’ll re-evaluate as I heal. Thanks. J//

Writing might be solitary, but making a book sing is a team effort. I'd like to join your team. I'm now offering my services as proofreader and editor.

Some people shy away from hiring an editor because they are afraid of criticism, or they worry that an editor will make the work "less their own" in some way. That's not my job. As an editor, I am the advocate for your manuscript. I come in without an emotional connection to the work and can look at your piece objectively. I don't re-write your book or try to impose my style or voice on you. My job is to help you refine your identity and make sure that it shines through in every line. I'm also an advocate for your reader, making sure that you--as a writer--keep the promises you make to your audience.

I come at every piece--from short stories to full-length novels--with three hats on my head. I am a reader looking for a terrific story. I am an author enjoying your craftmanship. And I'm an editor seeking ways to improve upon what is there. You get input from all three of these angles when you work with me.

Whether you're trying to tighten up the first three chapters of your book to send to agents, or gearing up to self-publish your debut, I can help you bring your book up to its highest potential. I'm here to help you sand off the rough edges and polish those gorgeous passages of prose, all without losing your authentic voice. It's all about helping you meet your goals.

What do I offer? Here's the list:

Manuscript Critique - Need an extra set of eyes on your manuscript? Want to make sure you're getting a comprehensive, objective beta reading experience? We can do that. If I catch a typo, I'll point it out, but this is mostly me reading your work and giving you feedback, author to author. I give notes on plot, pacing, character, style...and anything else that jumps out at me in the course of reading. If something jerks me out of your narrative, believe me, I'll let you know. I'll also give suggestions on possible fixes if a problem comes up.

Proofreading - This is usually reserved for manuscripts that have already been through a deep content edit. I do not provide critique or notes on plot, characterization or voice etc. Proofreading is limited to grammar, punctuation, dropped words, syntax, spelling errors or misused words. Basically, this is where I take the proverbial red pen into your manuscript and make sure it is beyond reproach.

Copy Editing - Also reserved for manuscripts that have been through a content edit, copy editing includes proofreading and adds POV/continuity and voice checks, internal consistency and fact checking where applicable.

Content Editing - This is the meat and potatoes of editing your work. We dig deep and do multiple passes together looking at your characters, the plot, the pacing, word choice. This phase is divided into two main types of edits.  You will receive an editorial letter with a full critique of the overall feel of your work, impressions as a reader, and suggestions for improvement.

  • Developmental Edit - This is where we massage the soul of your book and take a look at your characters, their voices, development and the consistency of their actions. We'll also examine the plot, any holes there may be and make sure that the arc is structured in an efficient, emotionally engaging way. We want to make sure you're getting the most impact out of your words as possible.

  • Line Edit - We'll take a look at writing style, voice, consistency, pacing, sentence structure.

Full Manuscript Edit -  The whole enchilada. This includes multiple rounds of edits including a full content edit with line and developmental notes, copy editing and a final proofread. TIME IS FLEXIBLE WITH THIS, BUT CANNOT BE PUT ON RUSH.

General Information and Fine Print:

  • All services are available for multiple lengths of fiction. I work with short stories, novellas and full-length novels.

  • If you need more than one of the above services, we can create a custom rate for your project.

  • I work across all genres, but I will say that I am most familiar with sf/f, comedy and horror.

  • I prefer to take a look at the first 2000 words of your piece (free of charge) to help you determine what level of work will be involved.

  • I work in Microsoft Word using the Track Changes feature. If this is not an option for you, we can possibly work something else out involving alternate software. In the case of editing a print copy of your manuscript, the author is responsible for printing costs as well as including a SASE for the return of the manuscript.

  • I am the only person who will see your work, and all correspondence is kept confidential.

Fees and Money Talk

  • My preferred payment method is PayPal. If this is not an option for you, we can discuss other possibilities.

  • All dealings are in US dollars.

  • Rates are determined by the page/hour. The more work your piece needs, the longer I'll spend per page, the more it will cost per hour of my time. Rates also vary by what type of edit you're looking for.

  • I use the Editorial Freelancers Association guidelines for my rates. You can find those here.

  • The page length I use is industry standard: Microsoft Word page, double-spaced 12 point Times New Roman font (approximately 250 words). Specific rates are determined by the level of work needed for a given project. For example, a critique will not cost as much as a developmental edit due to the time involved.

  • Deep, comprehensive edits or projects on a rush will incur additional fees.

  • I offer some referral discounts.

  • 50% of our agreed upon rate is due at the time of signing* on with me. The other half is due when I return your finished edits.



  • It's usually best to come to me only after you've finished your manuscript. This way, I can offer you an accurate quote, and get your manuscript on the schedule as soon as possible.

  • Think about what you want to get out of our working together. Do you want to tighten up your manuscript to pitch agents? Are you hoping to self-publish? Maybe you just want another pair of eyes. Have an idea of what your goals are before contacting an editor.

* - It should be noted that while I am not yet a member, I use the standard contracts and fees as set by the Editorial Freelancers Association. In addition to freelancing, I have been a slush reader and editor for Dragon Moon Press, and I worked for Ed Greenwood's Hellmaw authors. 

At this time, I do not offer editing for non-fiction or STEM/Academic manuscripts.  If this is what you're looking for, I'd like to introduce you to Tina Beychok, aka That Word Grrl.