Have a question? Check here.

Q. Why are there only ebooks for sale? 
A: Right now, being just one woman, I can't afford to run a book warehouse out of my dwindling closet space. I can't afford to keep print stock on hand for potential orders. Selling only digital copies through this site is a matter of personal sanity and logistics. Besides, if you ordered print from me, you'd have to wait for me to get the copy then ship to you. More wait time. 

Q. So can I get print or audio editions of your books?
A: Absolutely! Print editions of the Etudes in C# series are available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Audio books will be available soon via Audible and other outlets.

Q. When will those audio books be out?
A: Wild Card and Unveiled can be purchased here, on iTunes and Amazon. Uninvited is going to take some time.

Q: When is the next Cat Sharp book, going to be released? And how can I get it?
A: As of September 2019, I have a rough draft of a novella from Marius’ point of view, and I am mentally outlining the 4th book of the series. However, due to some physical health issues, I’ve not been able to write. I have hand surgery scheduled to hopefully address some of these problems, and after recovering from that, I want to get back to writing. But I cannot speculate a release date for new work. Sorry. To keep up to date, follow my social media (links at the bottom of the page.)

Q: Why can't I find your Etudes in C# books in brick-and-mortar stores or libraries? 
A: They are self-published works and while I have had books for sale at Zia's and Changing Hands in Phoenix, those are small local stores willing to work with self-published authors where the big stores are not. Similarly, this is why I cannot have signings of the C# series in places like Barnes & Noble. They work directly with publishing houses to facilitate stocking books, etc. Right now the structure just isn't there for me to get these books on shelves as broadly as I'd like.

Q: Why don't you sell your other works on your website?
A: The Etudes in C# series are self-published. This means I have the rights to do with them as I please wherever I want. This isn't the case for my anthologies, alt.sherlock work or any other stories that are published through traditional means. Those rights belong with the various publishers. However, if you want those books you can visit any book retailer (online or brick-and-mortar) to pick them up. (When possible, shop local!)

Q: Do you really breathe and eat fire?
A: Yes! I breathe, eat and spin fire (poi). I learned poi from Trishnamurti of the Circus Farm in Mesa, AZ. Fire eating and breathing I learned from Crystal Cruz of the House of Cirque in Scottsdale, AZ. I have performed in a couple of small, local troupes, and breathed fire for a television broadcast advertising the Dragon Training classes held at the Circus Farm. It's not something I do on a regular basis, but those skills are in my arsenal. (Or should it be "arsonal?")

Q: Will you read/edit/critique my book for me?
A: I am a working writer and editor. When I'm not doing copious amounts of research, assembling/revising article pitches, or writing my fiction, I have editorial clients that I work with. Professionally, these commitments all come first. If I am available for new clients, I am more than happy to talk to you about getting on my editorial schedule but standard fees will apply. Do not bring me your manuscript at a convention, or send it to me. A, that puts me in an untenable ethical situation, and B, just don't. 

Q: Who would you want to play [insert character here] in a movie?
A: I have mixed feelings of sharing this publicly. I don't mind letting you in on that, but I know there are some people that are very attached to their own images of a character. So tell ya what. If you're interested in knowing how I see my characters, seeing some of the inspirations for my work or pictures of places from the books, check out my Pinterest. Also? There's a ton of Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch there. Just sayin'.